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  1. Hi guys, seems i really managed to crash my S500. I rooted it, i installed titanium, i backed up apps and then i started to uninstall them. When i reached the Orange Core app (or something like that) it started to vibrate and it showed me a BSOD with a memory dump and countdown from 7 seconds i think. When it got to 0, it just froze like that and i dont know what to do next. I dont have a memory card, what can i do :| I tried to follow a soft-brick tutorial but i got stuck at the 1st stept where the link with the firmware is expired. http://tpnotallowed.com/view.php?pic=15zqyqg&s=8#.U_ztf_l_v1c Edit: Just a remove-battery fix worked...lol. Thanks google. Sry about the topic, but hardbricking an android device really freaks me out.
  2. Regarding the petition, have you started one? Start one and let's spam de internet with it for signatures. What's the worst it can happen?
  3. Yeah, moto G. Except the camera and no sd card, it is a great device.
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