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  1. Hi Ian, I am with Sasktel - I initially unlocked my phone and then Sasktel had a small OTA update for the phone. I posted the above in response to that, but in early June I gave up on trying to figure out if we could unlock and get the updates so I installed ARHD and never have looked back. The failed assert message had to do with incorrect CID numbers and trying to match up to application names. I remember reading that the HTC update process was flawed in the fact that it looked for certain apps to be installed on the phone (and had to be the perfect match to app name) for the OTA's to be installed from the carrier I have since switched to super CID (11111111) but forgot to actually get what my original CID was for my phone. Not like it matters anymore though :) Hope this helps
  2. Hi Paul, Fantastic job on getting the preloaded apps up! Quick note for records - I am in Canada (unlocked and rooted) and tried installing the latest OTA (1.29.666.17) to test this and got the assert failed check_cid error. I know you mentioned on XDA that you might have to work on the app naming to get it right. Is this the case with the update or just an error cause its unlocked. Thanks
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