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  1. Hello Can anyone of you to write exactly where one can find /system/lib/libjni_latinimegoogle.so and I'm not too expert on such things and help to others thank you very much
  2. Hi I beg you could anybody do video as necessary to delete the file it ohladne AOSP keyboard ..... I know no such things but I can not find the file it nicely thank you
  3. hello will work on the G510 ever tried thank you very much for answers translator
  4. so that's a shame ...... I uninstalled it twice and still the same problem
  5. Hi ... i am having trouble after installing the telephony ... when I call myself or when they call me so me not hear ..... but everyone hears me was the problem discussed herein? thank you
  6. hello people my problem is that when you install gaps everything goes horribly slow .... installation itself slimrom after restarting, it is great but as I wrote it all down gaps Do you have any solutions? :-( :-( Translator
  7. hi .... i have one problem after installing CM 12 everything goes smoothly beautiful .... just when you install pa gaps pico, nano, mini, and after a full restart all goes slowly know almost nothing when it opened and it takes a minute .. ..viete advise where we make mistakes luca020400 super Rom only here my mistake thank you
  8. Hi good job huráááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá
  9. Hello particularly want to thank you for all the efforts to tie our phones Boly the best and we used them to make the best I wish you all Merry Christmas holidays many happy healthy and happy new year ps: I wrote using a translator
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