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  1. with the last update 14-04-2014 my phone stucks on bootlogo i try a clean instal but have the same problem anyone with the same problem?!
  2. Ok i do the clean update thanks for the answer ;)
  3. hello, I installed the Rom KK Pac with gaps that are on the topic to update the gapps to the latest version i have to do a clean install or just install the new version of gapps with cwm!?
  4. camera works nice now the problem was i don't have enough space in memory! ;)
  5. anyone with problems in camera?! i instal R2 version and now i cant open camera app!
  6. one question to install R2 its need do a clean install or i can install without wipes?!
  7. I dont have this bugs it works nice! :blink: Nice work mnupea thanks ;)
  8. any way to have more than 1008oc in this rom? i have 2030 baseband! thanks
  9. in the othe other forum htcmania ppl say it works! can y get in cwm!?
  10. i read this in other forum enable the transparent taskbar Build.prop change ro.config.low_ram=true por false
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