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  1. Hi there! A year ago, I bricked my device with the OEMINFO-Hack. I searched for solutions and found none. But now, I have found a solution to my problem: to use a dd command. I have managed to keep a backup of my oeminfo and I know that it is supposed to be flashed in /dev/block/mmcblk0p5. But it turns out you have to use adb shell or a linux PC. If only I can access the pink screen like other Huawei phones can... Is it even possible? Or is there any other way I can access adb? Thanks!
  2. That's useless. The product ID and the IMEI doesn't match. Even if you use a Product ID generator, it will still say error. Based on my observations, the oeminfo has been replaced from mmcblk0p5, and I was hoping if we could extract an UPDATE.APP and dd command the oeminfo. Unfortunately, we don't have adb, only fastboot. If only we could get the pink screen working...
  3. I have the same issue too. But my bootloader was locked and I can't access TWRP. If yours is unlocked, you can flash the stock recovery and it automatically wipes the cache and lets you boot back to your phone.
  4. I already told them that they sent me the "wrong" code, but they said that it was correct. Maybe it's because of my IMEI.
  5. Hi! I'm having a problem with my Y300-0100. I used a OEMINFO-HACK Tool with a TWRP recovery and a locked bootloader. But when I tried to update, it doesn't show any text and it stops one third of the bar. I tried unlocking the bootloader with my unlock code but it didn't accept it. Please help!
  6. Hi! I really need your help. I have used this tool many times for my Huawei Y300-0100 and it worked perfectly. But now I encountered a problem. I have a stock rom, rooted. I made a backup, hacked the imei, and flashed a rom for Y300 (Unicom Edition) and it flashed successfully, then restored the imei. (I had a twrp recovery at that time). But when i rebooted, it didn't read my sim card. I checked the imei and it was already restored. So I rooted my phone again and hacked the imei, then flashed the general version. But when I rebooted, it still didn't read my sim card. So i reverted back to stock recovery and relocked the bootloader (why did I did that?!). The next day, I tried to hack the imei again, powered off the phone and flashed to twrp recovery (why was it accepted to be flashed if I have a relocked bootloader?). Then I flashed the general version again and it only showed me a pink screen (at that time, I haven't thought yet to reformat my sd card). So I tried to go to recovery but it didn't redirected me to it and suddenly I remembered that I have a twrp recovery and a relocked bootloader! So it only means that I can't access recovery anymore. So I thought that maybe I can flash the stock recovery through fastboot to revert me back to my original rom, but then I remembered that I have a relocked bootloader. My only hope is either unlocking the bootloader or flashing a rom through force upgrade. So I tried unlocking the bootloader but it didn't accept my unlock code. But doesn't the imei would only be 0 if I have flashed a rom? So my last hope is to flash a rom through force upgrade. So I tried reformatting my sd card before copying the dload folder to the root of the sd card and it worked! But it only showed a bar, no text (so I wouldn't know if it was unpacking or installing). But then the loading stopped at 1/4 of the bar. I tried flashing different roms, but it didn't worked as well. So now, I've run out of ideas. And maybe you can help me guys. Thanks! I'll be waiting for a reply...
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