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  1. pique242

    [HOW TO] manually fixbrick with AIO Tool installed

    Nope. Sent it to xolo care for repair.
  2. pique242

    [HOW TO] manually fixbrick with AIO Tool installed

    Did exactly told. No hickups in the process. All the commands got executed perfectly. But in recovery mode on the phone it displayed, "E: Verification failed Installation aborted." Looks like a problem with update.zip, no? How I ended up here? My Xolo X900 was not rooted. On stock rom 4.0.4. Suddenly my wifi refused to turn on, so I factory reset the phone. Since then it gets stuck in boot loop. Shows different colors on every automatic re-boot(Red, green etc.) I have read all the topics on fixing this brick but none has worked. Please help me in troubleshooting the problem.

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