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  1. I hope someone can come up with a custom rom. Thanks Pyntux
  2. Guys - Do you have any idea if we can update this phone to 4.2.1 jelly bean?
  3. I followed the Serbian Link you provided, but I skipped the Alcatel One touch upgrade 2.8.0. Installed the MediaTek USB VCom drivers to my laptop (SP Flash was able to detect my phone this time). Continued to follow the steps (Serbian Steps) and was able to root the phone after that. Thanks!
  4. I'm all set. I just needed to update the time in my phone. hehe thanks to all your help.
  5. I spoke too soon. I can't connect to Facebook and google play using wifi. But it's shows that I'm connected and I can browse in Aptoid as well as download apps in aptoid. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I believe, I'm all set! I needed to download the MediaTek USB VCOM drivers and after that tried to follow the steps provided by Pyntux without upgrading to 2.8.0. Open Titinum backup and root access is already enabled! Not sure if I still need to apply the update.zip.
  7. Thanks Pyntux. I will try one more time.
  8. I got OTA update from Alcatel for 6030X (which is update.zip) and friend modified that update.zip to use to root phone... I'm not sure does that works, or does works on 6030A, but i think worst which can be is that recovery says to you "file is wrong" or something... So you can try to install zip below with stock recovery: http://www.4shared.c...oot-update.html > what do i do with this update, don't know how to apply this. Thanks for the help.
  9. haha 2 hours and i'm still at 64% for the 2.8.0 update X(
  10. Thanks Pyntux. I'll check if these steps will work. I'm currently updating it to 2.8.0 as we speak.
  11. Want to test if this will work with Idol 6030A, but DJ's steps are not working. After turning off and clicking download + yes, nothing happens. Any help would appreciated.

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