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  1. Is anyone else getting random reboots? should i just re-flash?
  2. That's because video isnt working yet. You can install mxplayer from the play store, then make it a system app by using this and then use youtube from the browser, that should work :)
  3. Kra, are you still going to release a build with ril working? just flashed this and it's really awesome. So smooth and fast XD Also, there's a problem where there's no notification when i plug the phone into my computer. It's not a bug as such but it does mean i can't put any files on the phone. That may not be a problem with windows/linux users.
  4. Nothing to say exactly, but this is might kind of you josalaito! thanks a bunch bro, you a Kra are awesome people. Thanks :) P.s. guys, dont bug these dudes, they're doing us a massive favour
  5. tillaz, thanks for all your hard work. This rom is awesome and if you ended it here i'd get it. It's nice and smooth and with nova or action launcher it's a real keeper. Thanks man also, not that it's imperative but how do i get the centre clock working? the tick box doesn't change anything for me :/ p.s. thanks for the stock gallery :)
  6. Guys, here's a stock launcher from the xda forums. It's what i use. Or download straight away. Have fun guys. Once again tillaz... your a boss. And with the V6 supercharger this rom is a keeper for sure.
  7. Flipping wonderful rom. Yes Tillaz, you appear to be a god among androiders. Brilliant.
  8. @velo85 this cm is riddled with tiny bugs that get really annoying after a week or so. But Josalaito is working on a stable CM which he will hopefully be able to get working perfectly :)
  9. What kinda question is that :P but no, i dont think so. it's an odd ROM tbh, it's just a random launcher from the play store, and no real customization options, just a whole lot of free ram
  10. Hey guys, thought you might wanna check this out. It's a low-ram usage ROM and with a launcher of your choice it's kinda awesome. http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=595610 i've been switching between next launcher and 91launcher, but obviously you could go with nova or apex for the aosp feel.
  11. 3g isn't the baseband... you need to add your apn's. Download Tweakker from the play store to do it easily
  12. Guys help me, I keep getting "android.process.a core has stopped working" message. I thought it was cell broadcasts but I think I'm wrong, any ideas?
  13. any more detailed instructions on that recovery flasher utility? Can't be bothered to plug my phone in atm
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