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  1. well , it is believe fusionX camera app is better then motorola X camera app
  2. I have some problems I install apex launcher pro but it doesnt working :( and I change device name by root explorer but I cant get updates :( tillaz , please make fusionX for G510 proprietary. I like your rom :)
  3. Hello LewaOS5 is beautiful rom like miui. it was coming for our devices yesterday. (Official version) Link for G510: http://bbs.lewaos.com/down_detail.php?id=50 Link for Y300: http://bbs.lewaos.com/down_detail.php?id=74 I like this rom because it is beautiful but I can not use LewaOS5 because: 1.free ram is 70Mb only 2. It has some chinese apps 3. It hasnt acceptable speed. 5. Other roms is better. 6.It is said: It has not security and........ If oneperson make LewaOS5 launcher , We can use it on any roms. screenshots:
  4. LewaOS5 Official For G510:Link LewaOS5 Official For Y300:Link
  5. +1 sentinerom & chaOS are good roms. I like them very much
  6. I am using your rom Can I change device name by root explorer? (change y300-100 to g510-0200)
  7. sorry Yes I mean what is 720p video recorded at on this rom
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