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  1. I have same problem. I was trying to connect to public Wi/Fi internet and it said Java Script Missing. What can I do?
  2. Does that mean losing all I have on my phone?
  3. Okay, the thing is that I was removing stuff that I considered to be "extra" on my phone (some readmes, etc, etc) at the end phone works just fine except now I can't open any .cab file that I put in my phone. Nothing happens when I press on them. What could I screw up? Is there a way to make it work again? Thanks
  4. What's wrong with that? Illegal? I don't think so. After trying to find some ROMs on HTC page, forum and even owners club I realized that HTC is not intersted in providing any, so only thing I can do is to ask here...... If someone knows, please PM me. Thanks
  5. Man, that just sucks badly. Did it went off right away when you dropped it? Or did it work while it was in the glass?
  6. Hello, I have been using my VOX for over six months already and since I have tried many things on that phone I assume it is time to upgrade my ROM. Not only because I am hoping to see some improvements in a new ROM, but also because I want to "delete everything" and start all again. I have installed and removed many programs and somehow I think it slowed down my VOX. My VOX was bought direcly from HTC, and my ROM version is: 5.2.1235.17740 >> same number for Operator, Manufacturer, Microsoft, Language and File System. Radio version is: , RIL Version 2.002 I am just wondering, where can I download newer version for HTC (not Orange E650 or other) ? Thanks
  7. Chtěl bych se zeptat, zda nevíte o nějakém místě v Praze, kde by se dal koupit nějakej přípravej, kterej dokáže odstranit škrábance z obrazovky. Mám HTC S710. Díky.
  8. I have removed SD card and it worked. Thank you very much for your advice.
  9. Hi folks! Big, very big problem here. ;) I have just installed Norton Smartphone Security Premier Edition Beta. After installation it said that device needs to be rebooted. I pressed "OK". And thats it. It keeps rebooting, I tried to take off battery, but it did not help. It keeps rebooting. Please help!
  10. Weird. I'got Vista Ultimate laptop and my S710. Both work fine.
  11. I need your help guys. I have got this theme: The problem is that Fizz Traveller does not show 5 days with information, it just shows "Action to start Fizz Traveller" and when I click on it, Fizz Traveller starts. How do I get rid of it and make FT work on my homescreen? Thanks
  12. Thanks for your video. So basically, can anything bad happen to the phone if I overclock it? I mean, it is like chiptuning for cars, you can do it, but something gets worse.
  13. Hello, I have got Smart Explorer EN, I went to Windows to StartMenu to make my own list of things and folders I need. So anyways, some things that I've copied I cant remove now. I mean, it says unable to remove certain file or folder. So basically now I have same stuff in the main menu and same stuff in my folders which I cant delete. What can I do?
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