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  1. who ever has the vowney mod rom, can please share if the same error occurs... there's an update available but everytime i choose download i get 2 options, wipe cache and wipe data i then choose install, then a message saying that installing the file will reboot into recovery to flash the zip file, and after the installation the system will reboot automatically, i choose install - goes into recovery, then i have the option - install untrusted zip, if i press yes installation aborted - E: failed to open/sdcard/OTA-Updater/download/vowneymod_2.zip (no such file or directory) E:signature verification failed E:can't open/sdcard/OTA-Updater/download/vowneymod_2.zip (no such file or directory) i dunno why is this happening i thought i already had the updated version of vowneymod
  2. Oh what, everytime i try something new there's always something new :D
  3. i just went to settings, audio profile, general, settings, volumes, and "increased" - dunno if that's the right word, - up before if i tried this i would get a pop up saying, unfortunately settings has stopped edit: there's an update available, but it's not downloading ...
  4. thanks the notification sounds are really loud now :) perfect
  5. oh i didn't know that let me try this http://www.dropbox.c...04-17-12-55.png http://www.dropbox.c...04-17-13-29.png https://www.dropbox....04-17-14-35.png ps: can someone let me know if the links are ok?
  6. i'm quiet scared, but first step is done, rebooting now to flash the settings patch edit: yes :D settings patch are successfully installed, now to next step Done: now i will link some screen shots hopefully everything is correctly installed https://photos-3.dropbox.com/t/0/AABKozZP46vHm4q1rF2Q1zyEFRZY63roUI0GuAPvCJejaA/12/49753337/png/32x32/3/_/1/2/Screenshot_2013-07-04-17-12-55.png/repbxYe5yVB-BF-P9ITbdj_88SAc0cqHD5OpsjQSwMA?size=640x480 https://photos-1.dropbox.com/t/0/AABp5JHFehrK8auobP4Fs7Z1BrL8ONLP-NpacUGbahukhQ/12/49753337/png/32x32/3/_/1/2/Screenshot_2013-07-04-17-13-11.png/9elKgD575SNF_QFecn4uSBjlxTvjAf4x34_P26P4hpI?size=640x480 https://photos-2.dropbox.com/t/0/AABi_BFWGy5DL-BcOn3Qhtvq5UlMVEKfo4uyv2InvUmHIQ/12/49753337/png/32x32/3/_/1/2/Screenshot_2013-07-04-17-13-29.png/3TxjqbFzyNGIE9KSJywldSMiWU022Lru559tAYEmX3I?size=640x480 https://photos-4.dropbox.com/t/0/AACLFzqN4vUlTmxbb_wyCIra8Hlr-zVFXkfp5Qej8M9oPw/12/49753337/png/32x32/3/_/1/2/Screenshot_2013-07-04-17-14-35.png/1hW05TouXns2jOV6cRzvzA87IKPNbKMzpwEl6mbYoM4?size=640x480 https://photos-2.dropbox.com/t/0/AADO2Ls1WukTkKEL3Y1Gm9kUT26QV2uXy93vSBZgt0x6Ag/12/49753337/png/32x32/3/_/1/2/Screenshot_2013-07-04-22-13-25.png/DNm7G4TycAt1LlkwXWI18FOI7Z1cTbJah8XXgwQori8?size=640x480
  7. ops..so i messed up everything, may i simply erase the settingspatch.zip or do i need to do something else before or may i just install the R2 leaving settings patch installed ?
  8. I get this error after pressing settings and then system - the new one "Unfortunately settings, has stopped" https://photos-4.dro...2s?size=640x480 Edit: Before i flash the settings patch should i install this R2 http://ubuntuone.com...riQZFYjpP0PmhXe ?
  9. I'm a bit confused after downloading the settings patch, add the zip to sd, then what exactly... i'm lost
  10. ok Thank you so much i will do this right away
  11. I don't have the update from July 1st so should i do that first?
  12. ttps://photos-2.dropbox.com/t/0/AAA6sP5L8UOHCd6m6gxNM-Kh-qM_fXVXKLr47DbA7PFN_A/12/49753337/png/32x32/3/_/1/2/2013-07-04%2022.13.26.png/DNm7G4TycAt1LlkwXWI18FOI7Z1cTbJah8XXgwQori8?size=640x480
  13. Ouh ok, but can we download the zip and install manually?
  14. "Before using the new settings that are included go to > settings / system / Xposed Framework Select update / install framework," I can't find this path
  15. shuete

    Vowney / Verne V5

    can someone please explain exactly what are these for? thanks in advanced
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