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  1. I've tested this rom, it's smooth and bug free, but battery is really bad.
  2. Is it faster and better battery life than slim B952?
  3. Download again. It should help.
  4. Battery is better than other 4.2.2?
  5. Still not working:( But thanks for help.
  6. I tried every 3 mods from this link. Now i'm using CM9. http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1370008 I know that is for android 2.1, but i've downloaded other one, from Polish hosting site (chomikuj.pl)
  7. Hi all :) I've got a question, have anyone tried to use active launcher with 4 corners, like xperia x8, xperia lww etc. It was the best launcher, i loved it. I tried use one from xda, but it's not working.
  8. I've tried new beta. I'm still waiting to version where 2G/3G data will work. Except that, rom is the best
  9. When i'm trying to install new build, after installing it's booting, i have cyanogenmod logo and nothing. I've tried many many times, with gapps, without gapps, with wipe, without wipe and still nothing
  10. I've tried many many roms, and this is first with data problem.
  11. Is data working on R2? I was on R4 but i haven't data connection
  12. Are there in /system/bin? I'm sorry, i'm not developer ;) If it will work, your rom will the best I've ever used (i've tried every popular rom) :D
  13. Dear Joestone, can i replace 2g/3g connection files from clean CM10.1? Rom is very good, I love it, but 3g is not working.

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