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  1. Attached is the LogCat for the Kindle crash. I believe I trimmed it from App Start to Kill. Let me know if anything's missing. KindleAppCrash.txt
  2. I can confirm that disabling "Volume Wake" on my HTC One solved the booting issue with v.24. Thanks! Edit: Also confirming that v.25 (found below) resolves the "Volume Wake" issue.
  3. I'm trying to LogCat for the Kindle issue right now, but ever since enabling Version 24 - I'm getting "HTC Sense isn't responding" when trying to get into settings - mostly because once I unlock my phone, my Google Now and Sense Weather/Time widgets won't load and I can't swap menu panes either. To make things even weirder, things like HTC Sense, Settings, Tasks, Android.Process.Acore have requested SuperSU privileges. Once I grant these elevated privileges, everything works okay with Version 24 (Kindle still doesn't start)
  4. Thanks for such awesome software. I'm new to Android (coming from iPhone 5 to HTC One) so maybe this has been addressed but I haven't seen anything yet from searching. I'm using the HTC One running the Developer version (on my 32GB AT&T) that I got from XDA (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2265820). That's working great and so is everything else. The only issue I'm having is whenever I have any of the MoDaCo Toolkit modifications active, my Amazon Kindle app won't open anymore (crashes with an Unhandled Exception - I can post the logcat if it would help). As soon as I disable every modification and reboot, the app opens up without any issue. I've tried numerous options enabled/disabled, and it doesn't seem to matter what option is turned on - the kindle app will always crash unless everything is off. Has anyone else had this issue?
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