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  1. Hello, you can try this http://www.modaco.com/topic/354463-romzte-skate-cyanogenmod-720-stable-android-237-311012/ . Look where is written down Proximity senzor fixes. It should work!
  2. I have found an error: The root access is not avaiable for LuckyPatcher.
  3. I have the same problem with GApps.... 1. I made ext partition on SD- Card. (1024MB) 2. I installed int2ext+. 3. I formated all (system, boot, etc.) 4. I have succesfully flashed CM11. 5. I have flashed GApps. BUT if I turn on the system... I can not find any GApps, like GooglePlay Store... Relationship: In the head of topic is missing the link for 230 system partition...
  4. When my ZTE has worked and I installed ColdFusionX 3, then I could say that the Bluetooth is NOT workig. (Not even properly switch off)
  5. I have destroyed the display of my ZTE Skate, so I can`t install any custom roms, sorry
  6. Why no one is able to fix camera flash of video thumbnails... :-( P. S. You can fix the thumbnails if you install the gallery from cyanogenmod 7... but if you try to install the old camera app and move it to system it dont work
  7. I try and tried many roms, but this is still better. I have 2skate phones (but one with broken screen which i use to test the roms) but after trying this one i flashed my actually phone with it. very fast, nice design, all is working:-) if you try the rootbox than you can see that it has many bugs(and there is written final version) this one upgrades every time, and that's good. Very good work, yeah;-) but ill still try other roms (with my broken screen one)
  8. Thanks, it helped:-) but why it is not in the heading.. And i read the chat... but i find nothing there.. I'll try some other ROMS too and than choose one if them..
  9. This site is in russian language i downloaded from there Clockworkmod v.6 and tried to install this rom (root box)from there too but it is a copy from this site (only the rom is a copy) (http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=283445&st=4860)
  10. Please help me! I have now on my ZTE Skate (Medion) Cyanogenmod 7 installed(and I had Clockworkmod v.5.5.. for Skate, but now i have the v.6 from 4pda.ru). All work great, but i want to install Android v.4.2.2... I copy the ROM to sdcard .. Wipe system/cash, format system... Tham i want to install it.. i press install zip... It write open.. update .. than it appear the letters root box... than a few seconds later he write: error Status7... I tried to install first a lower android like android 4.0.. it dont work too.. I changed my Clockworkmod to v.6 it dont work too... Help me please.. how i can install this ROM :'-(
  11. Hello, can somebody give me the link please?

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