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  1. ok, let's try the first custom rom on my phone... wish me luck!
  2. I'm looking for a stable custom kernel... any recommendations? i already tried dmd (by davidevinavil), but it gives my a lot of random reboots...
  3. "Iubirea nu satură pe nimeni, niciodată. Deci poate fi fără de sfârșit; și de aceea poate fi și fără de început" - Pr. prof. Dumitru Stăniloae

  4. The download link is dead. Can anyone provide a new one? :unsure:
  5. Sorry, can you please be more specific? I tried searching, but I didn't find anything. I'll be grateful!
  6. yes, I did manage to make at least adb work under Windows 8...
  7. yeah, thanks. That was tremendously helpful...
  8. Has anyone managed to connect his S500 to a computer running Windows 8.1? :(
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