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  1. Hi all. Love all the work that's gone into this ROM! Thanks to the developer for keeping at it! I just have one issue with the latest Nightly & that is I can't connect to Google Play. It just says "No connection" when I try to connect to it. I have tried it on 3g & wifi but I still can't connect. My Browser works fine though. Do I need to do some wipes? Thanks all, Patrick.
  2. Hi again all, I've been having a lot of problems with connecting to my laptop using the wifi hotspot on my G300 phone. I've finally figured out how to get it to work. What you need to do is to manually enter the IP address of your wifi connection into the wifi settings on your laptop. I noticed that I could get Skype to work but not my Browser & apparently Skype doesn't use the IP settings whereas your Browser does. By manually putting in the IP settings into the wifi settings on your laptop, all is solved! I am not sure how to do this in Windows (I use Linux) but there are plenty of people who have put up instructions on the internet. Perhaps someone here, who is more knowledgeable than me, can explain further. Hope this helps, Patrick.
  3. Hi all, I really like this ROM! I am having an issue with Bluetooth though. My Bluetooth Headphones are connected to the phone but the music plays out of my phone's speaker instead of the Bluetooth Headphones. Is there something that I need to do, other than pairing my headphones to the phone, to make it work? It used to work in Jellybean. If anyone can help I'd be very happy! Thanks all, Patrick.
  4. Hi all, I have a new G300 phone. Initially when I bought it I upgraded it to ICS but I was only able to download about 4 apps before I got a memory full error. I found this useless so I rooted my phone & upgraded to Jellybean (4.2.2). Anyway I have since looked at my memory in "Settings/Apps/Running" & it is only 324Mbytes used, & 75Mbytes free. Is this normal? I thought that I should have 512Mbytes total memory but these figures only add up to 399Mbytes. Is my phone faulty? I've looked on the internet for an answer but no one seems to have this issue like I have. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the link re-Unlocking Bootloader. I too couldn't find it but I was searching this thread for it. :wacko: I am new to this, as you can tell lol. I have another question & that is, apparently unlocking the Bootloader just fixes the problem of the phone rebooting when using 3G, I don't have this problem, my problem is that some of my apps can't access the internet while on 3G, will unlocking the Bootloader fix this problem? All of my apps can access the internet on wifi, it's just the 3G that is the problem. Some of them work fine on 3G whereas others come up with the error message "can't connect to the internet". Thanks once again.
  6. Hi again all. Sorry to be so ignorant, but how do you unlock the bootloader? I'm just a Newbie. :wacko: Thanks.
  7. Hi all. I'm just a newbie so I hope that this isn't a dumb question. I have downloaded & installed the latest ROM on my phone & it works really well. I am very impressed! I am having an issue with my 2G & 3G connection though, in that some of my apps aren't connecting to the internet. My Browser connects to the internet but my other apps don't seem to at all. It all works fine on wifi, it's just my 2G & 3G connections. Is there something that I can do to fix this problem? Thanks heaps!
  8. Latest Jellybean ROM works great on my new Ascend G300! Thanks heaps! Am going to donate to Dazzozo.

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