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  1. I know it sounds stupid but have you checked your phone for viruses? I know many cases where the battery was drained by the use of the virus.
  2. You should use clean master from play store, and delete the thumbnails through that app.
  3. OK that's what in going to do, but what should I tell them to get it for free?
  4. Battery is not the problem. The phone can open even without battery but it will close because of the problem work mmcblk0p partitions. I will try to get a full charged battery because whenever I try to charge this battery phone closes after some time. Thanks anyway, I will try to update tonight.
  5. If phone powers off while updating will it be a permanent break? Phone will be unusable? This is kinda risky :P I know I've said this again but you guys are really helpful thanks for everything :)
  6. And what if the device powers off while updating? Will it break the device permanently? How long aprox does it take for the update to complete?
  7. I downloaded B926 like Cyda told me to. But when I open the zip I see a guide on how to update to official ICS(in chinese so It doesnt help me at all) and a dload folder that contains a huge update.app(628 mb) and a vendor folder that contains a small update.app(1 kb). No step 2 or step 3. What should I do ?
  8. Guys really, with your comments you REALLY help me out a lot, I will come back with results, Im downloading official ICS right now, luckily it seems to be quite fast :huh:
  9. What type of download manager? Last time I downloaded official ICS for my u8800pro was a nightmare -.-'
  10. Since this is not my phone and I have never installed official ROM to this phone, can you kindly link me to B926 and give me instructions on how to update please :) ? If installation is same with the u8800pro then its, make a dload folder in sdcard with update.app from step 1, hold power button and vol + and vol - and repeat the same for step 2 and 3, is that correct? Also by looking at my pics do you think this is fixable? I sooo worried right now :(
  11. I dont understand a thing... I think that I have to do something with the bootloader but this cant be done here... that is for htc devices only I think... Also could installing official ICS fix everything? If yes how can I do it and where can I find a link to download it?
  12. That will restore/fix the default mmcblk0p partitions? Factory reset(like shown in first pic) fails :'(
  13. At least i think the problem is not in hardware and cwm is accessible. OK so the problem seems to be messed mmcblk0p partitions(?) I just don't understand how this happened. Any help PLEASE :'(
  14. It seems like I ve got errors in CWM see this: I will restore my stock ICS CWM backup and HOPEFULLY it will work becuase I have my phone open in CWM for about 5 mins no shut down. You are REALLY helpful till now guys thanks a ton.
  15. God I hope this works. I will try to get it to boot again. EDIT: what do you mean mains?

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