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  1. just wanted to add that step 11 is very, very important. i also used some old doubleside tape and my phone is now full of dust :) dont underestimate this step!
  2. its not related to formating system. i tried to reflash few times and still same error :) sometimes when someone is calling me phone is only vibrating, not ringing. after few seconds media error pops up. from time to time i get incallUI error too. sometimes ppl on other end cant hear me for few seconds. dont get me wrong, i really like the rom. its just its not problem free rom. you must expect some minor issues from time to time :) i have got Moto G on its way. so thank you OP for delivering great experience to me for long time. thank you very much.
  3. Yahoo Weather for me ;) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yahoo.mobile.client.android.weather&hl=en
  4. it happens to me to few times. mostly when i plug in cable and tried to read from phone`s card on PC. it also pops up one time out of nothing, but simple reboot did a trick. thank you OP. this rom looks very promising. its fast, stable and no lag. faster than CM10. maybe one bug with video recording. i tried to record short video first time in years of using smarphones, but camera app crashes. but no big deal for me.
  5. but no kitkat, that was my point :) besides that i have optimus one and only thing that i can say is: never again phone from wash machine maker ;)
  6. you know guys you can buy fast device as motoG for 135EUR now?
  7. i just downgraded from CM10.2 to CM10. its like completely different world. i like features of newer version, but its very laggy. in my opinion its not suitable for everyday use. so +1 for CM10.
  8. thank you sir for your help ;) and [email protected] with rebooting. hope this not gonna be my case :) i tried to flash the zip via recovery and CWM says installation successful, so i hope thats it.
  9. sorry if mentioned before, tried to search, but no relevant results. after call (and actually while calling) my screen remains black. there was some proximity sensor fixes for other devices. is there something like this out also for blade 3/this rom?
  10. just finished. it was not so hard as it seems to be. only struggled with removing old digitizer`s cable. i was wondering how would so big connector go through that little space between LCD`s frame and PCB. solution was just cut that cable with scissors. but when i try to stick there a new digitizer`s cable i realize there must be other way. i finally found out that PCB was glued to frame. so just pushed a little bit harder and split PCB from frame and then connector easily goes through. thank you again for your contribution. good job ;)
  11. how about read first post? "USB-storage (on external sdcard) & adb"
  12. hi, thank you for great rom. just wanted to ask if anybody else experiencing this graphical glitch in notification drawer. there is some kind of grey square (you can see it from 3rd notification and down). is it somehow rom related or could it be app related?
  13. just wanted to say thanx. i will be using this guide in few days, digitizer already purchased from ebay.
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