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  1. I have found links on the steps how to ROOT your Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos (GT-i9082) Link 1: http://www.geekdashb...grand-gt-i9082/ Link 2: http://www.fingersonascreen.com/2013/04/how-to-root-galaxy-grand-duos-gt-i9082-tutorial.html
  2. All mobile phones here in the Philippines have only 1 year warranty :P , if you want longer warranty then you will pay extra price. Sad but my warranty already lapsed. Anyway thanks for helping, am gonna fix this someday hahaha :D
  3. Still no luck on fixing my phone. maybe a faulty motherboard? but i already sent my device to Huawei service center and they did not tell me that the motherbaord is faulty..they just don't know how to fix it..Huawei service center had my phone for 1 week and they were unable to fix it :P
  4. Yes sharky thanks i will try every possible way just to fix my beloved g300 :D ...the camera of g300 is way better that the camera of samsung galaxy grand on poor light or during the night.
  5. Hi Rico, Thanks for this, now i understand :D . By the way i haven't tried the stock rom you gave me earlier since i have been busy at work, maybe later tonight i can try that.
  6. stock rom means? and cm10.1? been reading those terminologies here but i really dont know what they meant. hahahah =)
  7. Ok i will try this rom. yeah i've been trying different SD cards as some other users suggest me to do so too. Thanks! ^_^
  8. hi sharky, i have tried doing what rico suggested from this link http://www.modaco.co...-from-recovery/ and then i flash a rom and it installed successfully...but when i reboot it will stuck on the logo again..
  9. hi rico, i have tried doing this then i successfully flash a custom rom (Tesla rom)....but then when i reboot it will stuck up on huawei ascend logo again... can you suggest some other rom? thanks much!
  10. Hi Kyan, yeah you are right. i unlocked it using the unlockbootloader.exe
  11. I think i officialy unlocked my bootloader. . Its one of the steps that i did when i first rooted my phone to update to official ics version. . So do you think i can still fix this?
  12. hi sharky, i hope its not a motherboars problem. . I dont hold the phone right now but the version is 6.something which already mount internal storage. .
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