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  1. I bumped into this one on XDA...maybe you guys already use it, but anyway...I thought it's worth sharing. Claims to work for CWM flashable zip. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=33160799
  2. So it's safe now, everything works?
  3. Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question, but how do I use this tool exactly? Thanks in advance
  4. Nice work...backing up system now....I like the interface much more than CWM's....Backing up seems to work fine, didn't test the other features yet, but it looks promising so far. Can we flash that so it's permanent, like the workaround we have to do for CWM?
  5. Would it be unwise to change other stuff in the build.prop? I'm thinking things like lcd density ( value up or down?), acer shell, ...
  6. Guess who's back in business? Right now, I feel like the King :-) :-)
  7. What if everything is an illusion, and nothing exists? In that case, I definatly overpaid my carpet!

  8. Ok, yet another update, I'm closing in.... What I did was changed all references from the xml regarding the boot image ( so all msm8960 ref) to the boot image I still had from the CWM back up, I also placed a copy of that image of the bin folder of the tool. After clicking on the download button, the phone when into crash mode. Took out the battery and replaced it. Now, the charger icon reappears on the screen (sign of life yeah!), but since it has drained, I plugged it in into a wall charger. I'll wait now, till it has charged properly, and than check if I can acces the bootloader in fastboot. If that works, I gues I'll reboot into CWN recovery with ADT, and restore my back up....doesn't that sound sweet?
  9. Update.....I was able to add a new port for QPST, and even the phone showed up in the "phone"tab. The one problem I have right now is that the two content xml files wich you have to download aren't compatible with my build I guess. The recovery is about the WW Gen image and I have the emea. So I need a contents xml file for my build. I have made a back up with CMW (with the Acer tool) after a factory reset, but the back up files do not contain this file. Any help on that would be welcome.
  10. My bootloader was unlocked, had root. As for a fix, my last hope is the rescue tool found on Vaches site. So first I had the Qh-load error....after some searching I was able to figure out, that this meant that my phone was in some kind of a zombie-state. So...the driver showed as uninstalled in the device manager. After installing the QPST tool, I installed the Qualcomm drivers. Now, the driver appears to be unsigned, so I issued the commands in cmd to disable the verificating process, and have my Windows running in testmode. The driver now shows in the device manager as installed and propery working. The problem I'm facing now, is that get an error assinging a port for the QPST tool ( about being busy). Any suggestions on that one? Can I use the netstat -an command for checking the ports? Removing the bat did't work...
  11. it's a -1.. and no, i didn't push it. I used adb -d reboot boot boot.img
  12. Hi guys, I think I'm in serious trouble here. I wanted to apply a kenrnel patch found here on the forum. I used adb to boot the image, and as soon as I hit enter, my phone went black. I cannot even boot fastboot, and when i plug in the charger, nothing appears on the screen indincating recharge. Any tips here? (Pls, my wife will kill me for this lol) I used the image osted in this post
  13. Would the following work: first copy the CWM image to /external_sd, then use something like Rom Toolbox to replace the original boot image, or am I thinking to simplistic?
  14. Ok, problem is solved. Here's how I managed it. The main thing with the exe was, due to all the wipes, all settings were lost, including the usb connecting setten in the dev options. I noticed that after wiping the Dalvic, the phone stayed booted just long enough to navigate around briefly (about 10 sec after unlocking the screen post boot. And that the changes were saved to. So, I disabled auto back up by Google ( I read somewhere that that sometimes could cause the process to stop), disabled wifi and 3g, I was able to enable usb debugging too. After that I started the exe, and luckily the phone powered on just long enough for Set up to detect the drivers. After that, the phone went into fastboot, and the new image was flashed. As a bonus, my phone automaticly gave notice of an available update, so once I connected to my wifi, the JB update came in and installed just fine. So...thank you guys for the fast and more importantly, acurate help. I still thinking of rooting though, cause I don't like some apps that came along with the firmware. I should be able to root with the tool from the ru site, right. As far as I understand it is based on the Vache method? Or should I go via cmd with the adb-fastboot method. I only need root, not so much CWM.
  15. thnx for the link, but when I try that, the ADT says "no bin". Where can I find that? There are only 3 file present in that archive (set up, eeuusetup and dotnetfix) Can i extract the bin files from the setup maybe?
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