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  1. I used to get a day moderate usage, now I usually get 2 days at 35% left after rooting and freezing all the google crap.
  2. I have had the opposite experience to both of you, I have never had a smartphone before and finally caved with a G300, it was brilliant, fantastic build quality and managed everything I could throw at it except high end games (obviously). Same experience with the G510 apart from the Vodafone bloatware I had on it slowing it down, its off now and its nice and snappy. Just to be clear, I am not "having a go here" :- Voxpop2011, I have noticed all your posts are about you having problems with your huawei, you have a faulty unit as plenty of other peoples are fine. Get it fixed or write it off as a bad experience and bin it. BrownMicrowave, if all Huawei devices you have used sucked why did you buy a G510, it suggests you have already had a bad experience with the company. Ask to try out the unit before you buy it next time, it will save you hassle. You would probably be happier with something like a Galaxy S3
  3. Thanks Hassams I have it all sorted now. Bootloader unlocked, TWRP installed, backup made and un-unstalled all the bloatware, it made a hell of a difference to how the phone feels.
  4. Having a bit of trouble installing TWRP I confirmed my bootloader is unlocked My device is connected (fastboot devices, shows me its connected) I downloaded the latest G510 recovery image off TeamWin (openrecovery-twrp- (as suggested renamed this to recovery.img and placed in same directory as fastboot) Used the command "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" I get sending stuck here it does not hang, just waits saying :- sending 'recovery' (7736KB)... The older one on the first page worked first time :) happy days. But when I try to root it says "Error: device offline" USB Debugging ticked Install non marketplace apps Ticked Fastboot off Any Ideas? Rooted with "Cydia Impactor" It was a one click deal and sorted it in seconds. Thanks
  5. Hi all I have been sifting through the fragmented data that exists on custom recovery and rooting for the G510 and have a couple of questions if you have the time. Does TWRP (or any other custom recovery) need the bootloader unlocked to work if the phone is already rooted? I ask this as I have found this tool (http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/) which says it can root the G510 without needing to unlock the bootloader. I found it via XDA and have seen it on youtube a couple of times. I was wondering as if you can, it means you don't need to unlock the bootloader and "void" your warranty. Any input would be great, as I am trying to get my head round this. Thanks
  6. Hi all, can some of you guys share your stats of "Cell standby/Wi-fi/Phone Idle/Screen" Even though I don't use my phone much (about 1hr of screen time in a day) it seems to be awake a large chunk of the day, see the image below. I want to know if this is normal. I keep Wi-Fi turned on, data off, I have full reception bars at all times on my signal for both Wi-fi and Cell. I have the usual apps running (Dropbox/Facebook) I dont have any free to play games or any other crap installed. Its weird as Wakelock Detector tells me to phone is awake only around 2 hours in the day, but the bar in the battery stats seems pretty active. Most days I get Cell Standby 30% Wi-Fi 30% Phone Idle 30% Screen 10% Thanks all. Kel (This pic is of 20 hours at about 30% charge and the Awake bar is not as busy as it is usually)
  7. I have been using Opera browser to replace Chrome on my G510, it makes worlds of difference. I think Chrome is getting pretty stodgy now, trying to do too much. Might have a look at this one too.
  8. It's no big deal to me as everything else about it is perfect, fast for budget great screen and plays most games I want. It can be sorted though, just pad it yourself.
  9. Yeah, I get a creak, its from the battery cover, it is not a snug a fit as it should be, it just needs a little padding around the rim to stop it slipping when you apply pressure.
  10. I keep reading that these launchers use less RAM than the stock launchers. Is this worth doing? EDIT : I didn't realise how easy it was to put on the Apex launcher, I thought it was a more involved process than simply installing the app. Silly me. But my question is now "Will the RAM EmotionUI was using be freed up, or am I now essentially running two launchers at once? Sorry for the noob question Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to take some pictures. After I put that last post up I shot out and bought it (it was frustrating as vodafone had no live model to test first), once it was up and running I was not disappointed. The screen is better than my old G300, in my eyes anyway, especially in the sun. Its weird, there are a couple of places saying this is a TFT screen, but its definitely an IPS as it has a cracking viewing angle. I'm also loving the extra 1/2 inch on the screen. :)
  12. G510-0100V100R001C02B171 I take it the B171 I bolded is the version number people refer to. Should I update the phone, or will this lock me out of rooting later on? Only asking as NOT updating my PSP allowed me to "root" that and I don't want to accidentally lock myself out of messing with this phone at a later date. Thanks all Kel
  13. Sold on the G510 then, I think I will take the website that told me it is a TFT off my favourites list then. Thanks for the link to the thread it was really helpful. Kel.
  14. Hi all I am looking to buy one of these two phones, I have a G300 and I love the screen (IPS), how does the TFT screen on the G510 compare to an IPS screen? Is there much or any difference, I cannot seem to find any comparisons on these particular phones. Thanks All
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