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  1. We have two y300 with EXPERT V4 rom in da house, on the same router.Problem is wifi mac adress ,it's same on both phones. Is there any way to change it, because we can't access to internet on the same time,even still connected to the router?
  2. than, what is this http://getcm.thebronasium.com/?device=u8833&type=?
  3. +1 dailyrom -----------------anybody got problem with viber?
  4. Yes my friend,but shiping to bosnia is not included, and others have green connector......are they compatible?
  5. I saw few different color connector so i need help which is wright one...
  6. Nice rom ,joestone cm,but after charging up to 100% i leave phone locked (wifi and data 3g off),after about 1h i get 90%.Also icons on the status bar (wifi and network) sometimes get gray ,and sometimes blue color randomly (both working). Torch dont work.
  7. Y300-100- no wifi,and i try to flash still nothing
  8. i have milky colors too,and at the start i have problem with sim but after that its gone
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