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  1. From where did you order xiaomi?
  2. Gravitybox,greenify and hk theme manager.
  3. Why xposed installer gets filled up with more than 500mb of data? I need to clear xposed data every 2-3 days before it eats up my whole internal memory.
  4. Can't download google kb from play store, it is not available in my country.
  5. Can i uninstall google kb with tb, then reinstall it, i really don't want to reinstall the whole rom.
  6. Update6 has broken google keyboard, i can't write normally with it. When i enter a letter i automatically get two same letters, or everything gets deleted. Before updating i didn't have any problems, now i installed swiftkey kb, but i like to use stock kb.
  7. I did had lags with original version of the rom,even with modding33 kernel. After switching to stock kernel, all problems are gone. I've been using cm10.1, 10.2, 11....and i've had problems with all of them. Stock or stock based roms were the only roms that didn't cause me problems.
  8. Custom roms aren't near to stock or stock based roms.Pa,aokp,cm.....they all have a million features i don't need, most of them aren't stable for users who really use their phones, and this one has a few extra features that stock doesn't have. This rom is brilliant, it's the best rom for our phone.
  9. Thanks for quick reply,my phone more or less works like a charm with stock kernel,although it doesn't want to open fb app. I don't even want to update it to new version,i'm scared to update it.
  10. Is it possible to have widget buttons sorted like this,like in 4.2 roms? Any xposed module that can change it?
  11. Luckily,i've had no random reboots with stock kernel,at least for now. Phone works pretty much smoothly,i don't know about games because i don't play them. One problem is that i sometimes lose 3g connection,network bar becomes grey.Maybe it's my network's carrier fault,because my friends who are on the same network had these problems,even with calls.
  12. I've uninstalled fb and fb messenger,phone works a little smoother now. I've had issues with system ui getting killed on stock roms,as i understand you've patched it on this rom,will it happen again if i install stock b200 kernel?
  13. I to do have lags,synopsis kernel worked for 2-3 days,and after that same situation.
  14. I won't change this rom,because it has all the features i need. Ram consumption is great,battery consumption is pretty much ok,but i do believe it can be a little smoother. I've used modding's kernel,but in some moments phone would slow down and becam useless. Yes and i've had one random reboot,so i returned back to heros kernel.
  15. I really like this rom,but sometimes apps are opening extremely slow,and the same thing is happening to notifications bar.

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