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  1. Okay...this is driving me crazy and i cant figure out how to get rid of THE badword LED LIGHT POKING ME IN THE EYE WHEN PHONE IS CONNECTED TO CHARGER, s*** I disable it, but it turns on by itself in a few minutes jesus christ, and the options says that its disabled. PLEASE tell me what to do, this s*** is so annoying
  2. qkwefx

    Stuck on LEWA os boot screen!

    Yesterday the touchscreen started to fail...sometimes i wont respond at all. I flashed the stock recovery and stock rom also,and will be taking it to service center to replace digitizer or something... It's under warranty so theres no problem.
  3. qkwefx

    Stuck on LEWA os boot screen!

    Okay,it's great now. I wiped and formatted /system,flashed stock image,wiped and formatted /system again,installed cm10, wiped withoud /system format and its not rebooting anymore.
  4. qkwefx

    Stuck on LEWA os boot screen!

    And that means....? :D
  5. qkwefx

    Stuck on LEWA os boot screen!

    It seemed weird to me too,but I installed lewa os,and then cm10 again and everything is fine now. Really weird oO I'll try to flash the one from the link again
  6. qkwefx

    Stuck on LEWA os boot screen!

    Thanks man,boot is ok now. BUT my phone keeps rebooting after i flashed that...any thoughts?
  7. Hi! I was using CM10 by KonstaT on the Blade III. And I wanted to try this LEWA os,and i regret it... I didn't like it so I went back to CM10. And now im stuck with this image from LEWA os on my boot screen. Its like that for few seconds and then the CM10 loading starts. Before this it was a green android robot on the pic. Now,i would like to change it back to stock,green android robot! I tried to reinstall (format /system and everything needed to be done before installing a new rom). And the image is still there and its been playing with my nerves. If someone knows how to remove this i would be very grateful!

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