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  1. This is probably the most stable non-stock custom rom for y300. Thanks fonz93 for fixing original CM10.1 by Kra1o5, that was also great, but now it is even better. On the original my bluetooth was not working, now it does, it is fast, snappy, has better baterry life. I hope you will continue to bring enhancements to this rom.
  2. I´ve been using this ROM for two days, with stock kernel and today I updated it. All I have to say that this is one of, if not the best ROM I´ve used since I have this phone (and trust me I´ve tried lots of ROMs). Smooth, no lag in normal usage. Of course there is a bit lag if you have Chrome and some other app opened, but chrome is a heavy, "specs hungry" app for this phone, just as Facebook. You really can´t expect this phone to work like some higher end handsets. This is low-end device, but still does the job pretty well. But everything works. I use Performance Control and I changed governor to performance, still has decent battery life. I can´t tell if bluetooth headset is working though. Thanks H3ROS for making this awesome ROM :D
  3. This rom is really great, it is extremly fast,probably the smoothest out there for Y300 and G510, but there is a bug with video. I can´t play videos in browser or youtube app when I´m on 3g or even 2g, on wifi works but lags a lot, also, camera sometimes doesn´t work, it just freezes and I have to restart my phone to make it work.Also I get FC in gallery when editing picture. Is the video problem because of HW? On Kra1os CM10.1 build everything works. I tried several kernels and problem is still here. I made a clean instal, full wipe, several times so that definitely is not a problem. Please can you fix these problems or tell me how to fix them
  4. I also have the same problem. Previous version had the same issue, but it works with Freedi YT Player
  5. have to say...this rom is fantastic...I was on stock SymAnd rom before and I was pleased with its performance, but this is amazing....only thing that needs to be fixed is battery life, but other than that it's great...keep up with good work Kra1o5...and also I don't have the "milky screen" problem :)
  6. sorry I can't tell you that because I didn't use this ROM that long, I just wanted to check how it works and feels...was using it for couple of hours and I wasn't paying attention on battery much...I will try it again today or tomorrow and then I will be able to tell you more
  7. I' ve flashed this ROM two days ago and I didn't have any screen problems...screen was just as it was on stock...btw, nice job, hopefully we'll see bugfree versions soon....but even these are great :DD
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