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  1. Anyway, i have send it to warranty and after 1-2 weeks I will have a fresh phone! :) Thank's for all the help tips :D
  2. Thanks for all the tips, i have send it to warranty. When it's ready i will unlock the bootloader directly with the official method. :mellow:
  3. Tried force update with B952, but the progress bar stopps PS. my phone only shows the progress bar, usually it shows text( unpacking, installing, etc) Here are the images:
  4. I was using INFUSION B07 by tilliaz and after installing the zip from this topic (http://www.modaco.com/topic/361327-relock-ics-bootloader-only-for-stock-ics-roms/), my phone stuck on the huawei logo. I have tried installing an update.app, but after 1 min. the bar stops. I pull out the battery and replaced it back, but NOTHING has been changed. PLEASE HELP ME!!! PS. Excuse my poor english.
  5. After installing this .zip, my phone stuck on the huawei logo PS. I was using INFUSION B07 rom. PLEASE HELP!

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