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  1. Rydlis, you are a great guy. That is no lie. However your rom is not great. The problem with this is how it offers so little. Just theme? Is that all? You also make things like website and more, and you say you want to work in google. This will not get you to Google. I'm a dev, so I know what im saying. All this is is init.d scripts and theme. This will never get you to google. To be with Google, you need to know program languages, python, lazarus, java, and much more. You need to be able to build from source too, no silly zip building, and you need to be really good when it comes to innovation. Is this rom the next innovation? Is this rom the new best? No. I recommend you stop cooking this (yes cooking, your not a dev) and work on important things like real programming and developing. What you are doing now is incorrect. Hope I helped.
  2. I haven't be logged in a while so so much new stuff :D Im happy with Daz work, but joestonw may be the new Daz or Co. daz :lol: Good work Joestone :)
  3. I could do better jajaja, but I choose not to as I'm tired of people not appreciating. They take and never contribute. This rom is just too bad as it has integrated apps and nothing else. Why you even release garbage like this? See you :lol:
  4. Gave this rom a go, very cool. The features are great, only minor issue is the performance. The speed n smoothness is very great but sometimes I get random lockups when opening maybe browser or switching task. It's annoying, reboot is sometimes needed, but I'm sure you fix it when you get a computer. I'll stay on this rom an overall it's usable and great. Thanks for the work.
  5. So many features, great. I tried this rom, sometimes slow but it's expected from a feature packed rom. So many updates is great so the rom is supported and reliable. If you need good support and help and so many features get this. I'll switch to a B960 rom temporarily until mini bugs are sorted. I'll keep in track here as I love this. Thanks for the work.
  6. U need to make it clearer that this is Geno rom. You put credits under a spoiler so people will miss it.
  7. no this dev is a noob so he can't fix it. Ask a better dev.
  8. So besides integrated Google apps an updated apks this rom adds nothing else. What is the point? I could do this manually with stock cm anyway, all this rom does is save me 5 mins time of flashing Gapps :lol:
  9. Alright, I'll swear to not to be rude if Jaimes111 gives credit to all people who contributed 'on first post'. It's not fair that he steal work and not give them thanks. That's all I ask and I will be good to jaimes111.
  10. People are buying a budget phone, but they expect it to run like a nexus 4. What fools :D
  11. This is true, I admit, but all people should give credit. He give no credit to anyone! He should give credit for the scripts and tweaks, he should give credit to the guy that made the CM TOGLES, he should give credit to the guy who added custom settings, and he should give credit on the first post, not in the change log. He do this on purpose so no one can see the guys who did the hard work, people will 'auto' think its jaimes111 instead. What I am saying is true. You must admit. Unless you have something to prove me incorrect?
  12. Just want to say thanks a lot. I know how much you put into this rom, so i am thankful for the efforts :) I also thank the people that helped, like CM Team, fagulas, jsevi, Kra1o5 and many more. thanks alot!
  13. I have contributioned to many communities, mainly on 4PDA and XDA. I am a dev, but not for the g300. I own a g300, but I leave it to others to be dev as there are lots of roms to pick. Why should i make roms when there are 50++ to choose already? You dont know my work, so don't act like you know it. All I am saying is TheJaimes111 does noob work, but he gets too much recommendation and he get noticed. Why? Its because people not now how developing works, so they trust the noobs and think they are good. The only true devs here are Dazzozo and friends Kra1o5 Alkalinorap Jsevi Tillaz Kyan31 Narkoman Telonius Cyda - his stock+ may not be too complex, but he is not big headed with his work. I respect this. Rydlis - he is not big head either, he is truthful and Shari g with work which is good Fake and noob devs: TheJaimes123 PCRoss - steal huawei stuff and put in his rom. that is too easy, I could do that with my eyes collapsed or closed (bad english sorry) Fraska - latest rom favorooo cm10.1 was so bad, only apk updates -_-
  14. That is not the point, I never said Im developer, but Thejaimes111 acts like dev. He is not a good dev, pretty bad actually. I am not a dev but even I can make better stuff. All he have to do is add Bravia Engine by adding libs and apk to system. Then he add a few lines to build.prop. he can just add stolen XDA tweaks to init.d, too easy! His ROM is nothing but stolen tweaks and a few mods also from XDA. How people not even noticing this? He is shameful to dev community. The only thing good on this ROM which is hard to add is custom setting option like Goo manager and more. But it says kyan31 do this for you in the credits, the best part of your rom you didn't do yourself: That is shameful. I also use the ROM, it is not much different to stock. Almost identical except few small things :S Too many people also help jaimes for such small rom, Alkinrap, krishang, kyan31, elperroderoke, Tillaz and more. This rom is so basic, why do jaimes need so much help? :AS You are just too crazy, no words can describe James111. He is bad developer :S

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