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  1. I have those status-bar freezes as well. I have to restart it every time that happens. Does 'Mailbox' app work for anyone btw ?
  2. I restart my phone everytime I continuously start getting those 'Unfortunately process.media' thing and then it works fine. Thanks for the method anyway, will try that as well.
  3. I had done all of those you mentioned but I guess my sequence was a bit different. I wiped data,cache,dalvik and then formatted system and installed the ROM and Gapps. After this I wiped the data and cache again and rebooted my device. I have a 220 mb partition.
  4. I am getting 'Unfortunately, the process android.process.media has stopped' repeatedly. I can press OK and continue my but it keeps popping up every now and then. I had this in the 8th March build (not initially but after a few months) and then I thought maybe installing the latest build will solve the problem. But it didn't. I had cleared the cache, the dalvik cache, formatted the /system and then installed this new build. But, to no avail. Can anybody help, please ?
  5. Won't 'Apply update from sdcard' work ? Because what you've mentioned is the same procedure as flashing a new ROM !
  6. I have a little query, because I haven't ever updated a ROM, just flashed the last build from the scratch. I am running the 8 Feb Build, and in order to flash this, I have to go to CWM and choose 'Install Zip from SD card', after flashing that, what next ? Please can anyone help?
  7. Does this ROM have the script to redirect the Play Store downloads to the sd ext if the size of the cache partition is low (like 0.1 mb ) ?
  8. @somethingsomethingdarkness Bro , Thanks a lot man !! :) I'll try it out and get back . Thanks once again
  9. So the TPT has to be pasted into the SD card and then flashed using Recovery ? And btw can you please suggest me a TPT as I can't find a 180 mb TPT for my Gen2 Stock partition (160mb). And Thanks a lot for all that help. Appreciate it !!
  10. Hey Zeelog, awesome work on the ROM. You gave my Blade a new lease of life. Thanks a lot !! Can anyone please explain this TPT, I have a Gen2 ZTE Blade(Dell XCD35 India) (not upgraded from Gen1 or anything) running KonstaT's CM 10.1 on a 160 mb system partition. 1.So, 'STOCK Gen2 160 mb' means not having used a TPT earlier, right ? 2. How do I make a 180 mb partition using TPT ? Should I install the 'TPT Helper' app ? Or do I have to flash a zip using CWM Recovery to do so? 3. If I encounter some irregularities while doing all this , can I revert back to a 160 mb partition using nandroid backup ? Or will it restore it to a 180 mb partition ? 4. Which TPT do I have to chose ? And, which one is better, 180 or 220 mb, are there some advantages of 180 mb over 220 mb or vice-versa ?(like stability and speed )
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