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  1. Greetings. I've tried to "relock" my bootloader, because i'm having random reboots at my g300. When i copied the Dload folder with UPDATE.APP and also dload.z01 files to both (internal and external SD Cards), turned off the phone and turned it on by pressing volume down and up and power button it shows me pink screen and won't unpack. I was trying to use the spoiler what to do if the update fails, but there's one dead link : Now you have flashed the repack, you will have to go to the CWM home, then go to advanced > reboot recovery. Now wait until it reboots and then flash the relock bootloader zip by jsevi83. And now i'm stuck. Also sorry for my english language... it's not my national lang :) Please help :) @edit: problem solved in the last post :)
  2. bartas094

    G300 restarting when hot

    i've "updated" CWM, fully wiped, formatted sd card, installed infusion mod and everything is working great till this moment. 3 days and no random reset @edit it was reseting anyway, so i followed the instructions how to officially unlock bootloader by george109, hope it'll work fine now. much thanks for a very good job creating this "tutorial" :) also thanks again to any1 who answered to my topic !
  3. bartas094

    G300 restarting when hot

    thanks ! it actually working :) hope to no more random reboots further :)
  4. bartas094

    G300 restarting when hot

    thanks. i've searched for /emmc/clockworkmod/zips/files/ in my internal memory, but this folders doesn't exist... do i have to create them or something is wrong with my actually CWM ?
  5. bartas094

    G300 restarting when hot

    PS: any1 know where to download the latest ver. of CWM ? i've got v6.0.1.2 but the touch keys doesn't work. any advices ?
  6. bartas094

    G300 restarting when hot

    thanks for your reply. it can be true. because my bootloader doesnt accept this 3 flashing buttons. ill try to get better bootloader and look if that was the reason :)
  7. bartas094

    G300 restarting when hot

    If it is the only solution, please can somebody show me how to back up to my default rom and how to unroot copletely ?
  8. Greetings ! I really don't know how to explain that... my g300 is restarting when the outside temperature is hot, but also when i've got him in my pocket and squeeze it a little. Not every time but very often (about 2 times a day) Did anyone know hot to solve this problem if it is possible ofc ? I used CM, Stock plus and now infusion ROM. I saw when i set up clock speed to 1008Mhz (as orginal) it is restarting a little bit less. I was using 1.19Ghz setup at No-frills CPU control. Im using also smartass v2 and sio whatever it means i've heard it's best settings. Thanks for any helpful replies and also sorry for my english. It's not my national language :)

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