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  1. I know this may seem a bit silly but where is the apps button? As i don't have all my apps listed on screens I sometimes access not often used apps via the apps button on system applications. Thanks
  2. ezdub

    Dead G300

    sorry ICS my brain freeze :)
  3. ezdub

    Dead G300

    Not sure on the 6 months rule with vodafone though as it comes with a 24 month warranty then any fixes should be done. Though with vodafone they do say they will give a referbed model if it can not be repaired so I suppose you could argue if it failed in a shorter period. I have only ever had new replacements on higher end products that should have an exceptable life. I had a TV that was 3 years old and got that replaced for a brand new model as it was deemed it should have had a longer life for what I paid for it. Though I had to go via the small claims court on that one but it was worth it in the end and did not cost me anything in the end and the process was very easy to do and most comapanies can not be bothered going to the court and offer no defence so you normally win, well that has been my case in the past.
  4. ezdub

    Dead G300

    Suprised taken 2 weeks mine was back in 4 working day's but that was going into the vodafone store and them sending it off. I sent it off rooted there was no mention about it at all. I think they test the board replace it then just do a fresh install, I would not worry about it being rooted. I would say we both have the same fault. You should also get a new serial number and IMEI number as well as I founf out today when doing stuff.
  5. ezdub

    Dead G300

    Had the same problem. 10 month old phone got it back this morning from vodafone repair seems the main printed circuit board was faulty. My phone was rooted before so there was no issue on the repair with that. Phone has come back with stock rom installed and phone wiped. Warranty is 24 months from vodafone UK though not sure on the repair if it starts new or from purchase date of phone waiting for vodafone to reply to email on that one.

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