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  1. Waiting for Motorola to ship official flip case to UK got hand on 99p one off amazon - (£3.50 now) all in one type with magnet for case cover. Fits nice but noticed the magnet does not switch screen on and off like on my Nexus 7 - as far I remember no setting was needed. Also played around with another magnet to try and locate the magnet switch on the Moto G but no joy....Anyone with the flip case knows where the magnet is positioned?
  2. Hi Paul - flashed JR6 - none of the apps show up - iplayer / youtube etc assume need titanium backup but becuase of the next problem- also after signing back into google - the play store no longer lets me download anything? Any ideas?
  3. Have flashed and rooted - can someone confirm a) OTA updates no longer work - what will happen if I accidently OK the install prompts - is there any way to suppress these? B) best app to made backups - clockwork recovery with titanium backup - if I make full nandroid - will titatium restore all apps fully? c) I plan to test out paranoid android first then probably the modoco ROM - any other suggestions Thanks in advance
  4. First proper play after rooting/unlocking etc - 3/4 hours moderate use videos/surfing/music etc found the back getting rather hot to handle -almost as hot as the new ipads is this normal or just a side effect of having such a large battery? Just me or anyone else finding this issue
  5. Gotta say - a lotta love for the toolkit - it was getting late - waiting for the customary full charge before playing and as soon as those new updates already available as soon as you start up the Nexus7 - you know its better to root and unlock ASAP ;) Only thing for me om windows 7 coulndt get the samsung drivers to work but pointing to the manual android drivers directory did the trick.....Anyone else finding the backups feature not working? Guess titanium will be safer option.
  6. Can someone provide a link to a working apk or which version I should be looking for??
  7. Sorry done a search and can't find much - getting intermittent duplicate icons for things moved over to SD card on Modaco R12 ROM - rebooting sometimes clears the duplicates - anyone know of a permanent fix? Thanks in advance
  8. any chance of screen shots - got real bored of SPB quickly....
  9. Yes on Modacco R12 ROM - is this causing the problem?
  10. normally just games but different games - angry birds x2 / seasons/ a birds rio X 2 - very strange
  11. Weird problem just started happening - getting random double icons appearing in apps lists - doesnt matter what launcher I use - launcher pro/zeam if I reboot it clears but then happens again. Any ideas?
  12. Thanks - here you go like I say the cutouts are larger than the Nilkin but £1.57 delivered...you can't really argue
  13. Thanks will dload this app and give it a try....
  14. Is there an app which emulates the power button? I use button saviour for the rest of the buttons but look like the power button is the most sensitive to getting broken....
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