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  1. Hi everybody. I followed the instructions, saved my IMEI & hacked my IMEI. But ... the update procedure failed and I am now having a locked bootloader in error state. The phone only boot in fastboot mode. I tried to unlock the bootloader with the code provided by Huawei, but it does not work as my IMEI is set to 0. Do you think there is a way to unlock the bootloader (then, I will be able to mannualy flash my system) or if my device is bricked? Thanks for your thought.
  2. I tried to install a international firmware on a chineese Y300. I unlocked the bootloader and installed TWRP then SuperSU. I was able to create the IMEI backup & hack using the OEMINFO Hack Tool. But, I am unable to flash the international rom (issue with the version according to the log file on SD Card). I tried to install the chineese firmware. Same issue. Now, the Y300 can not boot, and I am not able to install any firmware. I can not access to TWRP any more. Do you have any clue to solve this issue?
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