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  1. flym


    Pandawill came through with my back cover. No hiccups, no fuss.
  2. flym

    Vowney / Verne V5

    Really hope the Newman k1 case does fit. If you're not careful, the shiny black trim around the screen can get scratched-I found out the hard way when I dropped mine. It's not metal, only black plastic with shiny black paint applied.
  3. flym


    Received my order today; It was bought with the $10 credit they gave me for sending my V5 in the wrong color. I ordered 2 screen protectors, a flashlight keychain, and an EMT penlight. They didn't include the penlight in the package <_<. Debating whether it's even worth it to raise the issue with them. This stuff was virtually free anyway :D
  4. flym

    Battery life

    I was having abysmal battery life. Installed Wakelock Detector and found a weather app preventing my phone from sleeping. Now I have great battery life ;)
  5. What's the difference between a normal v5, and a v5 Pro?
  6. flym

    Back Shell And Screen Protectors.

    17 days isn't bad
  7. flym


    Gosh then not only did they mess up my color choice, they forgot to send me my extra screen protector. Ah well...I used the $10 store credit they gave me to get an extra screen protector anyway :P
  8. flym


    Mine didn't come with an extra screen protector in the box, only the one that I paid for.
  9. flym


    I hope you get it soon, I know anticipation can be hard.
  10. flym


    With the $10 credit they gave me I ordered the v5 screen protectors and a few other knick-knacks.
  11. No, but thank you for the info because now I'm not going to try it.
  12. flym


    Anyone have any experience with pandawill? I ordered a white back cover and the flip case for the v5 from them and they emailed me stating the white back cover was out of stock and if I would like to change it to black. I told them No, because I already have the black color(my phone is all black thanks to a mix up with merimobiles) and to refund me the difference.
  13. flym

    Vowney / Verne V5

    I would pick the vowney v5 again if I had to. I think the back camera is more than adequate, but the front camera leaves more to be desired. Read Sere83's review here for more in depth info.
  14. According to the verne official website, these are the following changes (translated with Bing Translator): Improve content: 1, parameter identifies the camera calibration 2, fine tuning high speaker volume, some people the handset sound is small problem 3 one key system, integrated OTA upgrade, the next upgrade OTA upgrade 4, optimized other BUG
  15. flym

    Vowney / Verne V5

    I wish a proper TPU or silicone case will be available from a third party manufacturer. I'd like to report that I dropped my V5 and the shiny outer black trim(which is located around the screen and is not part of the back battery cover) has a small dent in it now! :angry:

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