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  1. Get an update package called cm-11-(date)-nightlies from CM Updater. What do I get and if I can update to version 11 from version 9.1? Will my phone to slow down? I'm using Huawei G300, CyanogenMod 9.1. Thanks.
  2. Audio does not work! Only buzzes!!! Im on CM 9.1 and uninstall dsp. Audio does not work! Performance and graphic I think is ok.
  3. Ok, thank you very much, I will try and I'll let you. And tnx to @pejicgoran
  4. On the first post says "This ROM only works on a device running baseband version 2030 that has been upgraded through the official Ice Cream Sandwich process" How you think to downgrade to gb? And when I did, cwm version is 5 and I cant restore my backups? Despite this, you say, I can do it?
  5. Ooooohhhhhh this 3G REBOOTS is really annoying. I love this rom everything is great, only that stupid 3g reboots. When I get out from WiFi area I expect to toggle on network data automatic, that doesnt work. I must turn on/off ari plane mod or restart the phone. And when I did this network data work and its stupid. Then begins 3g reboots. Im using huawei ascend g300. Im from serbia (europe) network UMTS 2100mhz. Can someone please help me??? Thanks.
  6. Hey YES I did backup. In previous post I said that i didn't backup my previous OS because I decided to test your "power ups" in a few days :D
  7. Yes, I followed the instructions completely. Took 10 minutes to boot. I didn't backup my previous OS. I decided to test it for a few days and then we'll see it. But antutu spoke for itself. ;)
  8. I use Baidu cloud ROM stable V5 4.0.4 android and for me nothing changed. I think that it is a bit slower. My antutu is 3600 after flash this tweaks. And its horrible. :(
  9. Hello, Im on Gingerbread 2.3.6 B895 and I have power saving mode widget and I dont know how to use it. I put it on the screen but there is no response. Is there any app needed for using that widget? Please help.
  10. Hey, sorry for waiting, I have not seen post. Thanks!!! Very much! :)
  11. HiSuite don't work :( I can't restore my contacts. Anyone can help? Please.
  12. This is the link http://www.solidfiles.com/d/30631ee0e6/ install zip from recovery, BUT wallpapers isn't HD and it's sucks! :(
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