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  1. Hello! Did anyone try the V6 supercharger? Was it successfully? If so, could you please explain? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello. I installed this new version yesterday and tested it today. I found the same bug than dredwork with the application "Moon reader". But for me, when I goes from one application to another one, it takes many seconds (10? 20?...) before I can do anything with the new application. (Well, it was the same with the versions 1 and 2) I would like to know if other people test this ROM and have the same issue. Anyway, end222, thanks for having developed it!!!! :)
  3. Hello all (and Mura88). I tried to install V6 supercharger on my Acer Liquid, but without any success. After the installation, and the first reboot, my Acer Liquid stayed on the animation and looping on it. I couldn't start it and the only way to access my Acer Liquid was to reflashing the ROM. Do you know how to install successfully this V6 supercharger? Many thanks to all in advance.
  4. Hi end222. Well, I don't know why, but I just tested it with the same parameters than before, and it works perfectly! Sorry for having disturbed you. Nevertheless, thanks for your answer, and thanks for this ROM. ;-)
  5. Hello all. Firstly, many thanks, end222, for this ROM. :) I have a (little) issue with the LED notifications. I followed these instructions: Anyway, I have NO LED when I miss a call and this is the PHONE LED which is blinking when a receive a SMS. Do you have a solution?
  6. Hi msadek! I used to have this issue for a CW9 ROM until I installed the drivers for Windows8 (even if I'm using Vista). Before that, my PC didn't detect my Acer Liquid. After installing these drivers, it worked (and continues to work. :) ). You can find them here.
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