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  1. Hey, I rooted the G510-0100 with Cydia Impactor (only rooted it to activate the battery percentage in build.prop) and the phone just got wrecked, battery wouldnt charge, or display charge, apps wouldnt download and just so slow, unrooted with the SuperSU built in unroot and phone works good now, though still feels a bit laggy...
  2. Thanks for your quick answers.
  3. Guys, another question, OFF THE CURRENT SUBJECT OF PLAY STORE, any of you bought the phone and have it stopped at customs?, I'm here in Ireland and was wondering if they allow phones past customs?
  4. Thanks, not really worried about root though.
  5. Does the Vowney V5 come with the play store? I'm planning on buying the V5 from dealextreme and was wondering if the play store is installed on the device, or do I need to root and then flash CWM and install it through that or something :wacko: Thanks in advance.
  6. This work?, and where can I download the stock firmware from, the site huaweig300 no longer supplies the download for recovery b952?
  7. Any way of removing or switching off the little battery indicator bar at the top of my screen?
  8. If I were to install back the official stock ICS update would it include the Huawei All Backup app?
  9. I'm getting such a headache, ok right so based on stock, ok, I guess I could just try it, and if all goes wrong, which I suppose it should not, I can install the official stock ICS? I'm not overly worried since Huawei have provided their own backup app, I have used it and it backups the files to your memory card, and the memory card does not get affected when installing a ROM or wiping data via CWM? Since I've started talking about the backup thing, when I install this ROM, does the Huawei backup app still exist?, If yes, then I can just restore all my previous files and contacts?
  10. Thanks man, guess I'll have to completely stick with the official ROM, since most ROM's have glitches and whatnot.
  11. Hello, nice ROM. I was wondering about the installation, when I install this ROM, does it delete the current ROM that I am using (official stock ICS), or is it possible to, if I ever need to for whatever reason, revert back to my original ROM (official stock ICS), or is it possible to have both, and I can get to choose which one to 'launch' when I get into the clockwork recovery? I use my phone all day, for entertainment as well as business and work related stuff, like calling and receiving calls all day, and in a case that I find its difficult doing that with this ROM will I be able to go back to my original ROM that I was running?
  12. MD5? Whats MD5?, I do apologize, I don't know quite that much about this kind of stuff, yet.
  13. Sorry guy, won't be using this ROM after all, not because I hate it, but because I can't get it to install! CWM keeps saying installation aborted and something about the .zip file being 'bad' ? Unless anyone can help me resolve this issue, I'm afraid I have to say goodbye to good 'ol Stock+
  14. Spelling mistake in the first line... " This is a custom ROM for the Huawei Ascent G300 based on official ICS 4.0.3 B960." Ascend is spelled wrong. P.S. Been reading about this ROM and have decided to use it, looks great and have heard great feedback!
  15. I totally agree, using that thing to make calls... As a table it looks great, as a "mobile phone" I'm not so sure. That's my opinion on it though.
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