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  1. Friends, Please provide the Kitkat ROM and GAPPS for SONY Xperia Z. Thanks in advance. Guna
  2. How i know about my device partition whether 160 MB or 180 MB? Because after installing Kitkat, System is very slow and Battery drains is high. My Partition Info / System 182 MB/215 MB / data 176 MB/204 MB / cache 1.32 MB/37.50 MB Please guide me
  3. It takes so long time to recharge the battery. Anyone facing such issue?
  4. Hi, The following link is not working. http://www.mediafire...gfef730j97zf9mf care package. Pls fix
  5. Great Sam, We really miss you. God bless you to give one more blade to you.
  6. Konsta, Bluetooth and Conference Call is not working. Please fix. Guna
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