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  1. Maybe dumb question, but who knows...? Do you turn data on? Cheers... Nomax
  2. Hi all... Im sorry for bring back once again my issue at kitkat... Since i have kitkat i "have!" a problem... When im in a call and i want to use the speaker... the sound is very low... i barely can listen, unless the phone is one palm distance... IS THERE a fix for this? I installed last night the matrix rom and... the speaker was pretty loud! but i prefer the kitkat rom... but... speaker volume is to low... Please people... can someone help me on this? cheers... nomax
  3. :) Sure... Still very low. I had pac ROM before kitkat and i had to putt it lower... But in this one, the volume is high and the sound is low :(
  4. Hl all When im in a call and when i want to use speaker, the volume e very low. Is there a way to fix this? Cheers... Nomax
  5. nomaximux

    [JB][4.3.1] Paranoid Android 3.99

    I know :) (viva o Sporting hehehe)
  6. nomaximux

    [JB][4.3.1] Paranoid Android 3.99

    Hahhhh...plz.... Just a tipical lazy portuguese ;) not incompetent
  7. Sorry to ask but, is there a way to putt the speaker louder? In my previous ROM (pac), when i was in a call and when i switched to speaker, the sound was great, but in this ROM the sound is too low... Is there a way to fix this? Cheers... Nomax
  8. When i have a phone call and when i turn speaker active, the volume is very low... Just noticed this last night Is there a fix?
  9. If you search in prior posts you will find what you need ;-) Cheers... Nomax
  10. You're right! :) and Happy New year to all btw... u asked for it! so... "shut up"!! :p
  11. Same here... And some apps not working like google maps and YouTube. Went back to 27th backup... All fine now.
  12. nomaximux

    Smoothest ROM

    Im sorry for using this thread, but the title suits my question well ;) Hello all and M. xams to all and happy new year! I have a Samsung galaxy Trend! I've been searching tools to unlock the phone but im not certain in what i've found... even from xda... really dunno So i started to search about CPU! Qualcomm MSM7227A Huawei G300 / LG L7 / Samsung Galaxy ACE Plus / Acer Liquid Glow / Sony Xperia E use the same CPU... So i ask... Using a rom build for G300 will it work at samsung trend? because i have a G300 with KK 4.4.2 cyanogenmod and i love it I want to install cyanogenmod in my samsung galaxy trend! Dunno if the aplication at cyanogenmod page works at my phone (root/unlock and install the rom auto. ) Cheers... and happy hollydays!

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