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  1. kannasbor0

    [MOD] Swap to /system & /data & /cache

    Thanks Luca, and sorry for everyone.. :( I changed job, so I don't have much time nowdays.. I'll edit the first post, with your zip.. :)
  2. kannasbor0

    [MOD] Swap to /system & /data & /cache

    Maybe the script runs too early or too late at boot, so you have to rename to 05-....... to make it work again. Regards.
  3. Trolling: Maybe the statusbar pulldown is laggy a bit, isn't it? :D
  4. I know that our GPU is cr*p, but I had no reboots on other roms. I forgot to write, but I changed the OOM settings too, but that's didn't solve the problem. Can it be kernel related problem? What should I do, to avoid FCs?
  5. So, no one has the same issue as me? O.o
  6. @Chil Could you take a look at this? Thanks! :)
  7. Hi! I did some maintanance, and I'm pretty sure, that FCs in games are related to GPU. I found it in the logcat: "Choreographer( 734) Skipped "number" frames! The application may be doing too much work on its main thread." I tried to turn on/off GPU accel (in egl.cfg too), try to increase heapsize, but nothing helps. FC happens sometimes when AnTuTu starts 3D test too. I have G510, using 5.9, clean install. What should I do? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the rom Chil. I had installed 5.9 because I had FC issues with 5.8. The FCs are gone with the 5.9, but 2 issues remain. When I listening to music, sometimes it lags about 3-4 seconds, and then it plays next song automatically (I am using ondemand + sioplus, with 245 min freq on G510), but if I switch back to the song, it plays it flawlessly, so the problem is not with the MP3, and I am using class 10 microSD with 2048 kb cache size. Another problem is with the game, called Top Eleven. Sometimes it quits from the game without FC. I tried to increase heap size, but it didn't solve the problem. What should I do? Thanks Edit: Everytime I installed the rom, I made clean install. Full wipe, then flash rom, gapps.
  9. Hi everyone. I am using the latest build of slimkat. It's very smooth, and my phone has more free ram, really great work, but I have two issues. 1st: DO NOT INSTALL GravityBox for KK, it makes the phone misbehaving (kernel wakelocks, etc.) 2nd: My phone has very long boot time. After I turn it on, the system boots up about 1 minute, but after that, I have to wait 2 minutes for widgets to appear (I'm using 6 widgets on 5 screens, nova launcher), after that another 2 mins for "root permission granted" toasts. On 4.2.2 I had to wait 2 mins, and after that I can interact, but now if I use my phone during background operations, the boot time can raise up to 6-8 mins. I'm using wheatley and row, before this pair I used ondemand + sioplus, so the problem not related to them. I prevented many apps from start up at boot, denied root access, enabled manual media scanning, disabled swap, zram, etc., but none of them solve this. If anyone have a solution, please share with me. Thanks!
  10. Hi all! Moddinggeek, someone said that the HTC Desire 300 has the exact same hardware, and HTC is well known from optimization. So, is it possibe to build a kernel from HTC's sources?
  11. kannasbor0

    how to spam a stock rom?

    You didn't use the correct update app. Dwnload the correct rom of your region, and your operator (if your phone not unlocked), and flash it with the 3-button method.
  12. Thank you so much Fonz! :) First cm10.1 kernel with zram support. I set it to 300 mb, and it boosts multitasking like hell. Thank you again! ;)
  13. Hi! Moddingg33k, if u want to develop a kernel for cm10.1, I suggest u to take a look at joestone's sources. His kernel uses hotplugging by default with any governor, supports NFC, and do some magical with the GPU. :) The UI is smooth, the games are fast. Also there's a developer on xda, called davidmore, who made our phone recording in 720p, I tried it, not fake, and with that kernel we have 413 MBs of RAM. If you could build a kernel with correct GPU performance, swap, zram, and a bit more RAM, I'll use it, till my phone will die. ;) Ps.: I don't want to bother u, I respect your work, I only want to share tips with you. :)
  14. Someone linked a B199 baseband to this forum (can't remember which topic), I flashed it, and it seems to solve my problem. Before flashing I have no signal percentage about 20% in my workplace, but yesterday evening it was 0%. :) I played a vid from youtube to test, about 1%/minute. Before flashing it was 50%/4minutes. So if anyone have huge 3G battery drain, I recommend to flash B199 baseband! :) But as I tested, I noticed that our GPU is sucking battery too.. I played video from SD card with min brightness, 1%/2minutes. It's quiet big imo.
  15. Sure. But good to know that you didn't forget it. :) Thanks for answers!

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