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  1. Two new rom in needrom.com! The CM10.1 is fake. Nothing CM function. Trebuchet launcher + CM wallpapers only. Compass not work. Fals data. GPS work, position ~38sec with AGPS & EPO (5-6/11 satellit), but altitude fals. False data 47m, true 112m.
  2. The color of the case is a really big problem. :)
  3. Install CWM recovery first, then install this zip file in CWM.
  4. This is a stronger lighting CWM flashable flashlight: http://d-h.st/rEw
  5. The flashlight is very poor. This is a harder CWM flashable flashlight: http://d-h.st/rEw
  6. Try another earphone. My Samsung earphone is very sit, ZTE one's is sit, the Sony's is very good in Vowney V5.
  7. Why don't you make a difference installer? Some app is system, build.prop and /system/xbin/busybox the difference R1 vs. R2 mod.
  8. CWM flashable email app: http://d-h.st/a9d
  9. Great rom. No chinese app. Thx Tillaz.
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