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  1. @H3ROS bro even after cleaning all recent apps i still see a weird recent app
  2. @H3ROS whenever i copy a text from a website and paste it back in Text box (either Sms or Facebook chat) and try to edit there's a sort of overlaping of text and i can't read any of it...and after Sd card unmounts from PC the gallery seems not to load back my pictures saved in Sd...i dont know how to upload screenshots in comment box it would be easier to show u what i was talking about
  3. Now thats what i was saying @Luca @andrea.... {The Break through}... ;) and one more thing Daz... YOU ROCK MAN
  4. Who are u to judge me ??? And Listen i didnt degraded Luca... neither am i a Kiddie so Chillax Andrea totally agree with you infact thats what i said above.... Luca is a good dev and will do a great job... but he's still learning... like we all are
  5. Daz don't bother the aggressive words.. he's just 14 years old... and i told Luca above that All the KK work most of devs are doing right now is only because of Daz... Your work for our device does'nt need an introduction... JB 4.3.1 KK 4.4 and now Lollipop 5.0 its a marvel... i am a fan of yours... it matter if anyone appreciates your work or not Cuz i would always Appreciate it..i believe in your talent..
  6. No Offense Luca...u are a good dev... but not on the Daz's level... To be honest most of the devs are now doing KK roms... and their Work would'nt even exist without Daz... Cuz he brought KK for us... and when he first developed KK... it was the same back then...Only Display worked...but soon everything was up and running in Nightlies...Be positive man ;) i'm sure in a month You'll see Huge break through... and you and Chil would have a big part in that success. Keep up the good work Luca :wub: :wub: :wub:
  7. @Daz Great comeback man... awesome as always..... just wondering would our old device tree bugs such as many VoIP apps are buggy would be solved in Android 5.0 ???
  8. @H3ROS Why don't you let users decide whether if they want to keep the camera sound or not... just add the option in with only "CAMERA SOUND" label and a check box whether you make translations from google or any other source or you don't make a translation at all..it soley depends on you.. those who are'nt bothered by it won't change it.. and those who don't like it will be grateful for your improvements to this fantastic rom....
  9. Sorry for double post my internet is shitty today :(
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