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  1. Just got mine from Expansys last Friday, gutted I missed out on the 'Friday' special though (ordered on Wed)... but then I wouldn't have been able to have a play all weekend so probably worth it! Overall I just want to say I'm really impressed with the device and more importantly WM6 - Smart-standard-phone! I cut my teeth on a C500 a few years back which I painstakingly dragged it into WM5, after that I upgraded to a Hermes only last year which I put WM6 Prof on straight away and revelled in the touchscreeny/keyboardy/3G/HSPDA goodness BUT actually found myself getting more and more annoyed with the phone and not just because of the pocket bulge... Using it with onehand was pretty pointless even with various added SIP's, I found it was getting slower and slower even after hard resetting and trying every flavour of ROM out there (well OK a handful). Anyway now the screen keeps going to 'whiteout' and most of the buttons are dead, so went out got a BENQ E72.... Now I can bang out a txt on the way to the tube, still pick up my emails (gmail.imap) in HTML format listen to music on my 4GB or 2GB card (hotswappable) and I'm really impressed with Googlemaps too... being able to zoom in and out using the hardwear volume buttons on the side is a winner and works surprisingly well over GPRS! :( OK you get the dreaded WM Spin on opening most apps but I've felt things to be pretty snappy once I'm in them (gmaps, email, fizz, IM etc). I've also found the WIFI to be pretty good and picks up my home and work networks with no probs... The included apps, Fizz Traveller, QuickMark (2D barcode) and the RSS program are all handy to have features (although I seem to have broken the RSS, :wacko: I will prob install something else anyway). The side hardwear button for jumping straight to messaging is handy too and you get a dedicated LED next to it when unread messages are present. (although it's a bit 'feeble' looking IMHO). - I'd really like to be able to assign these and the 'rec' button next to it too?? General criticism's are the cheap plasticky feel and yeah the screen could be a cm2 bigger I also miss some apps like Opera 9 and my fav Astrawear Solitaire game......but for a sub £100 phone that takes up less space than most other 'smart' or even dumb phones I am happy with it...and still got lots of playing/new app searching to go!! Well without turning this into a 'Professional' vs 'Standard' rant, I'm just so impressed with how far 'Standard' has matured in the past couple years..... bring on WM7..... JT ps. still find myself jabbing at the screen expecting a response ;)
  2. Ah Ha I had this exact same problem a week last Monday, a mate sent me an MMS with a picture of him on it! Getting it once was bad enough, but getting it sent through to me day and night was really starting to get to me and make me doubt my own sanity! Thanks for clearing it up....however I don't understand stuff like this, OK if the link went down and they had to resend everything that had gone through the system in say the past 24hrs, But why did they resend everything through 12 times (rough estimate on the amount I received) seems like a little bit of overkill?? Anyway I always thought MMS was a one flakey bit of technology!
  3. I use my C500 with Beta Player aka TCPM player, Format: MP3 - varible bit rate using EAC Exactaudiocopy as this is what I have all my CD's 'archived' on my computer anyway. Mini SD card: 512MB - enough for about 6 albums using above. Adapter: Hama White 2.5mm to 3.5mm Adapter from www.beststuff.co.uk OK it's 6quid but much much better than the useless ones from Maplins that wreck your 2.5mm socket when they are in your pocket for more than 5 mins!! Headphones: Sennheiser can't remember the model - Just "in your ear" jobs, but absolutely fantastic bass and a short lead length so they don't get caught up all the time. Wish list: - Still get the "Tssk" sound every 15 seconds or so, why why why!! Thankfully with some clever EQ settings and I think mainly the Sennheiser headphones I don't notice it too much to be annoying but still I would gladly give up my 2 front teeth for Christmas if it would just disappear forever! Second point on the list - would be a way of making the phone NOT play any music without the headphones in: ie. I keep getting into trouble at work after pulling the phone out of my pocket and dislodging the adapter therefore subjecting my workmates to a barrage of tunes first thing in the morning - never goes down well! Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening??? Also speeding up the transfers, - why can't we drag and drop using Windows, (Activesync - another quality Microsuck product :evil: ) and what about USB2.1 speeds, not that much to ask is it? Overall I'm soooooo happy that I can listen to enough different tunes to keep me happy commuting to work for a week. :) Why would I want to carry and EXTRA device around when I always have my phone on me anyway? :??: Just my thoughts,
  4. Yeah sorry that was a typo in the post..... Still tearing my hair out over this one, it just doesn't make any sense? BTW does anyone know what the Domain section is for or what you would put in it? Also I noticed on Outlook 2002 there is a section for Port number which is 110, this was also present on the SE phone. I believe 110 is pretty standard so I assume this is the C500 is using? Does anyone know if this not being present would affect anything? Cheers guys
  5. I have owned a C500 for over a year now and I'm having a serious problem getting my POP3 email account to work at all with my Smartphone. I've got an account you've probably never heard of called, Zoom but basically it's a bog standard POP3 account which works fine with Outlook 2002 on my PC with various ISP I've had over the years. At first I assumed it just wasn't compatible with mobile phones networks somehow but recently I've switched over to Vodafone and they gave me a SE K750i phone and surprise surprise after a quick set up I can download all my emails using this phone!! Putting the sim card into the C500 and setting up all the GPRS etc to work with Voda I still can't get my emails to work! Every time I hit Send/Receive it spends a little time Connecting then Logging On then says it's Sending and Receiving but then just throws up the error message saying to verify network connection and that account information is correct and try again! Just to clarify I get full GPRS signal and can happily browse websites with the phone, when I try to download email the G symbol goes on above the antenna. Settings I use are User name - first part of my email - same as I use for Outlook Password - Obviously I have checked and re-checked 1000's of times Domain - I just leave blank? Server Type - POP3 Account Name - Zoom POP3 Network - The Internet - I can get full GPRS and can browse websites normally Incoming Server - pop3.zoom.co.uk - same as for Outlook on the PC Require SSL Conec... - Not Checked - same as Outlook Outgoing SMPT - smpt.vodafone.co.uk - not sure if this 100% correct but it's the receiving I'm more interested in! never worked with the Orange one either. Outgoing Server requires auth... - left unchecked Download the following... - last 3 days of email - but tried them all. Connect automatically and check... - Never This is really starting to bug me specially when the SE phone was so simple to setup and worked first time!!! I doubt anyone has any exact experience with this email provider but if anyone can spot what I'm doing wrong or missing out PLEASE let me know! Also can someone tell what the deal is if I do manage to download my emails on the move how do I manage them with my Outlook E-mail inbox on the phone - I get this to sync with Outlook 2002 from my PC. Will the new messages just go into the separate Account folder I have set up for the Zoom account (ZOOM POP3) even though these are in fact the same emails, is there a way just to get them to download into the Outlook E-mail folder on the phone. I kinda guessed this was the point of downloading emails on the move in the first place? If not I can work around this I just wanna be able to receive any new emails when I'm not at home with my C500. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Hi I know this is quite an old thread but I was very interested in comments made about seeing the files as a 'Virtual' Storage Card on a smartphone. Is there anyway this could be implemented even so that I could see files from my regular PC on my smartphone. It would be so useful to be able to browse from my phone and run files like you would over a normal network eg MP3s - that can be played via my phone plugged into the Stereo downstairs, gotta be great for parties! As for using an external hard drive I think this would be great if it were Ipod size and able to again play MP3's/video networked over bluetooth as above. I would never want to use a bluetooth headset to listen direct from the hard drive device, would be much better to use a decent set of headphones plugged into my phone. This would be the ultimate MP3 player as you would still be able to know when calls/txt are received. - not gonna get that on yer 3gig Ipod!
  7. Does this app work with Win 2000? I have downloaded .NET and installed the CAB file etc. My PC shows up when I Select Server, but nothing shows up in the main bit of the program. pressing all the bottons on the phone (c500) has no effect. I'm using a Linksys bluetooth dongle, any suggestions?
  8. Yeah already got Media Remote from Ruttensoft, bit of pain setting up those play lists, and it doesn't do want I want. What I really what I want to do is be able to play/stream MP3s FROM my PC TO my phone over bluetooth allowing me to either walk around the house with headphones or plug in the phone to the stereo downstairs and listen to tunes - gotta be a good thing for parties etc. Also be able to browse my PC from my Phone and select files as needed, like you would over a network or even iTunes etc. I have been looking into Slimserver to stream music to my phone but think I've been getting problems because my computer is hidden behind a router so I can not connect to my own IP address if that makes sense, I'm not much good with networks etc? But again that has the problem of going to the PC to select the tracks which is never gonna impress my mates, surely there must be a simpler way. It seems all the technology is there or am I just asking too much?
  9. Does anyone know of a way of being able to see/open files stored on my PC using my C500 over a bluetooth connection? I can active sync with no probs but would be good to browse a shared folder on my computer and access files eg MP3's etc. Any thoughts?
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