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  1. Hi, I rooted and unlocked my phone, everything worked fine for 3 days an of some reason yesterday my phone drains battery in a sec, after that he keeps boot looping no meter how much battery is charged, when i remove sim card everything is ok and phone works normally. Than i charge bat. and when i put sim card back and turn phone on again it stucks in boot loop and shows emty bat. Phone works with sim card when it is on charger, when i remove charger it restarts and shows empty battery. I tried to get back on stock rom, , i tried flashing TPT but it not gets better, i looked forum up and down but i couldn't find any solution, can someone please help i am becoming desperate.
  2. људи, након два дана ишчитавања интернета коначно нађох овај пост. ХВАЛА ВАМ ДО НЕБА КОНАЧНО ОПЕТ ИМАМ ИСПРАВАН ТЕЛЕФОН
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