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  1. it's surprising to see someone still working on this ancient phone :P
  2. i guess that home button is more an issue than a feature,there was a file with configs for the remote in the firmware,maybe you should manually look at it while for the play store...well,apps in it are actually the ones that are useful for tv,while for the voice search,i don't think it's that big thing,at least it wasn't when i looked at reviews of android tv
  3. what box is it? i would like to get that android tv port :P
  4. yeah,you're right,looks like there are 2 versions,one with plain android tv,like i posted,and one with custom skin,i will post USA version firmware and normal version firmware,i think USA version has normal android tv as custom skin is meant for chinese market USA: ( xiaomi mi box 3s codename: jurassicpark) https://yadi.sk/d/jk7N8RWLu25uk normal : ( xiaomi mi box 3 codename: jurassicpark) https://yadi.sk/d/HfBua33Tu25s6 edit : looks like USA version is amlogic s905x,i will look further
  5. oh lol,so i just got to switch blobs and kernel :P the fact is that mi box 3(s905,not s905x :D ) runs android tv,and android tv means being able to install apps meant for tv so its ui is like this
  6. what were your steps for porting this to your device? i want to port it to my beelink mini mx iii wich has s905 also do you think it would be possible to port android tv from xiaomi mi box 3?
  7. Srfarias é un buon dev,ma é lontanissimo dall'essere meglio di chil360,tutti i suoi lavori sono basati sulla ROM di chil360 quindi non ti aspettare grandi bug fix da lui
  8. Regarding my brother's phone...his gionee elife e7 arrived and it is amazing,it got updated to KitKat and this month it will get official lollipop,gionee didn't release any source but some devs got it in some way(they say that they spammed gionee for this and finally someone gave them sources...luckily gionee elife e7 uses a snapdragon 800 so mediatek is not a problem here) and now a dev(that hasn't got the device...i think he devolops as hobby because he doesn't even want this cheap device)is devoloping omnirom lollipop and he is almost every week fixing something(is he magic? ) .. I am happy for my brother :P
  9. It isn't that easy and even the y300 ROM is unstable...g300 is old,i don't think it will get lollipop
  10. Is that theme yours????? I don't think...you should thank the creator (z31s1g) and add him on the credits list
  11. It's still a dev preview that has almost no changes from android L,not worth working on it now,if you have lollipop working good you'll have android M too
  12. The governor is a kernel service that manages CPU frequencies Example: ondemand: ondemand is called ondemand because when an app "demands" the governor highs the CPU frequencyes to what is needed
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