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  1. Just came across this and thought some of you guys might be interested. For anyone that'd like a transparent status bar while retaining the 'low_ram' setting, try this. I haven't been using this phone for a while, so apologies if it's come up. Otherwise, have fun!
  2. Assuming your friend's more interested in a simple AOSP experience (as the current iteration of GravityBox can provide most of the features of a CM/AOKP), perhaps an app like Rebooter will suffice for the amount they'd realistically reboot/go into recovery? Edit: Yeah, still there.
  3. The advanced power menu's no longer hard-coded into the ROM, at least on v1.0, but accessible if GravityBox/Xposed are kept on.
  4. Thanks! Grabbed the AnyDPI version. Not the first time I've asked for something here and got exactly that. I've flashed about seven or eight versions of this ROM and it's been my pleasure.
  5. System Settings--Data Usage--Menu--Check "Auto-sync data", or use the notification toggle.
  6. @tillaz While I know Performance Control is built into the Fusion Settings package, any chance you've got a separate APK lying around? (There are a few floating around xda, of course, but they all seemed to be fairly modded, as opposed to your 'straight outta AOKP' approach.)
  7. Anyone ever manage to get calendar notifications working? Tillaz once suggested to try reinstalling GApps -- I've admittedly been remiss there, but perhaps someone has?
  8. Not the greatest of workarounds, but you can always try toggling airplane mode on and off if your radios are stubborn to restart. Of course, this won't help you if you don't notice, like while playing a resource heavy game. That said, I've only experienced this a couple of times, and my network's usually quick to reconnect, but everyone's setup differs.
  9. Your mileage may vary, but I'll generally set it to 25MB for better multitasking, and 50MB when gaming.
  10. Check the option from the dialer app settings (in addition to the system settings).
  11. Hopefully this thread'll die soon, but rather than waiting for my memory card to corrupt again, I just opted to get a new one. Now I've always (fully) formatted my new cards with Windows before using them -- just wondering if that's what you guys do as well? I've read conflicting things online, so I figure I may as well touch base here.
  12. That depends on if you want Windows to be able to see your storage. In which case, FAT32.
  13. Did you also check the option from the dialer app settings? (Not to be confused with the system settings.)
  14. tl;dr: All this happened before, and will happen again. It's that magical time of the year. Looks like my memory card (a SanDisk SDHC Class 10/UHS1 32GB) got itself corrupted, again. Could not identify the culprit to any satisfying conclusion, although the errors/eventual reboot happened just moments after I deleted a jpeg in my browser's temp folder. I don't see how that'd do it, but whatever. Too lazy to bother reformatting like the last time, I ran chkdsk on Windows and seemingly got things in order... For now, of course. (Luckily, the only data loss I've identified thus far is a random music album, for some reason.) I'm really curious if this is a case of a faulty card, phone or just plain bad luck. To reiterate from the first episode (just under a month ago), my current 32GB card remains relatively new and I had otherwise used the same 16GB card for months with this phone, without incident. Just in case it's the phone, and possibly it's deep-seeded hatred of larger card sizes, be warned and backup frequently, folks!
  15. Apologies, I'm being a little dense here-- Can I restore an older backup from TWRP after flashing and wiping, or is it recommended that I make a new backup after flashing TWRP
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