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  1. I would be posible to add support for the G300? It looks like development of the G300 is completely dead. :( or a CM11 with display-caf support would be even better
  2. You spot on... Silly of me, I forgot this part was needed... :P Problem solved Thanks!
  3. I got the same problem using latest Gapps. I cannot install them due to lack of space. I wiped /System partition, /cache, dalvik, but it looks like 4876Kb are still needed I installed cm11, I Installed delete-CM-stuff-20141121-signed.zip and the 2111 Gapps. With yout latest integrated package pa_gapps-modular-pico-4.4.4-20141110-PS34-signed I didn't have problems installing Gapps Here is the pa_gapps_log.txt # Begin PA GApps Install Log -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROM Android Version | 4.4.4 ROM ID | cm_u8815-userdebug 4.4.4 KTU84Q f30a2b3b44 test-keys ROM Version | 11-20141121-NIGHTLY-u8815 Device Recovery | CWM-based Recovery Device Type | u8815 Device Model | Ascend G300 Device CPU | armeabi-v7a armeabi getprop Density | 240 default.prop Density | 240 build.prop Density | 240 Display Density Used | 240ppi Android Runtime | Dalvik Xposed Detected | undetermined Install Type | Dirty[Data NOT Wiped] Google Camera Installed¹ | false Google Keyboard Installed¹ | false Google Email Installed¹ | false FaceUnlock Compatible | false Google Camera Compatible | true Current GApps Version | NO GApps Installed Curent PA GApps Package | NO GApps Installed Installing GApps Version | 20141121 Installing GApps Type | pico Config Type | [Default] Using gapps-config | Not Used Remove Stock/AOSP Browser | false[default] Remove Stock/AOSP Launcher | false[default] Remove Stock/AOSP MMS App | false[default] Remove Stock/AOSP Pico TTS | false[default] Install Google Gallery | false Google Gallery Device | none Installing Play Services | 6.5.86 (1598563-034) Total System Size (KB) | 387280 Used System Space (KB) | 331720 Current Free Space (KB) | 55560 Additional Space Required (KB) | 4876 << See Calculations Below -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ¹ Previously installed with PA GApps # End PA GApps Install Log INSTALLATION FAILURE: Your device does not have sufficient space available in the system partition to install this GApps package as currently configured. You will need to switch to a smaller GApps package or use gapps-config to reduce the installed size. # Begin GApps Size Calculations -------------------------------------------------- TYPE | DESCRIPTION | SIZE | TOTAL | Current Free Space | 55560 | 55560 Remove | Existing GApps | + 0 | 55560 Remove | Obsolete Files | + 8 | 55568 Install | Core² | - 20172 | 35396 Install | GMSCore² | - 30152 | 5244 Install | bksync³ | - 168 | 5076 Install | calsync³ | - 736 | 4340 | Buffer Space² | - 9216 | -4876 -------------------------------------------------- Additional Space Required | 4876 -------------------------------------------------- ² Required (ALWAYS Installed) ³ Optional (may be removed) # End GApps Size Calculations # Begin User's gapps-config *** NOT USED *** # End User's gapps-config
  4. Which is the difference between the non-uni (about 87mb) and uni packages (about 34mb)? Your old package weighted about 30mb. Which is the reason of the weight increase? It's not a complain, just curiosity...
  5. 5.0 for the G300 is in the kitchen, but we still don't know how well it will run...
  6. 5.0 for the G300 is in the kitchen, but we still don't know how well it will run...
  7. Well, you may be right, but I don't consider anymore Gingerbread roms because their lack of application compatibility. From my point of view they are completely obsolete, too many applications do not support GB anymore.
  8. Yes, this is the best Rom, and in fact all other roms are based on Daz works. Anyway regarding battery durability you will not find big differences between roms. The only ones that last longer are the ones based on ICS.
  9. We can only say thanks to Daz that we might have lollipop on our rusty devices. Who whould have guessed that a device like G300 (I'm still using it as my daily phone), born with gingerbread would reach android kitkat (and maybe lollipop)! One question, is there a plan to port display-caf to the kitkat nightlies? Or with the birth of lollipop, kitkat is now dead?
  10. For the updates try to make a clean install through recovery making a format to the /system partition, wipe dalvik and cache as well. Maybe there is something messed. For SpiritFm make sure you choose the settings - audio - method - msm7x30 Hua G300/Mot XT557 option. Then turn on and off spiritfm
  11. I was thinking to buy MotoG but I think I will buy the new Huawei G620S. It's cheap, a little bit more powerful than MotoG and 64bit! I'm waiting to see if the scene is active for this phone...
  12. I'm planning to buy this phone as well... I hope the scene is active and some development is done!
  13. No luck. Power and - Phone stuck in Huawei logo Power and + CWM recovery Power and + - Pink screen When I connect to the USB, Phone is recognized but no com port appears Edit: Just read that with CWM installed it is probable that I cannot acces FTM mode. ANyway I couldn't find a way to remove CWM without making a full wipe and return to stock ROM...
  14. I think galaxy mini 2 is similar to Huawei G300 which has a MSM 7227a 1000 mhz and adreno 200
  15. I tried to get the QCN file but QPST never detects my phone as qualcomm USB device. I tried with Power and -, Power with + and -... I couldn't manage to put my G300 in FTN mode. any hint?
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