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  1. The world is flat is a fact too ;) I used Kratos' CM builds (10 and 10.1) and Joestone's 10.1 build and I experienced a lot more random reboots with those builds then with Daz' 10.2 build. The time I used 10.2 I had 2 reboots (been using since the first public release... And that is my experience ;) I dont care a rats ass for performance (well, obviously that isn't entirely true), I care more for stability. One thing people do tend to forget with a lot of these builds and developers. The y300/g510 CM builds are all experimental, there not even beta. the CM10.2 builds are even nightly's, so probably almost no testing. Yes, an older nightly can be more stable then a newer one, that s*** happens. The developers of these roms don't owe you anything, probably doing this in there own time, if they want to take a few weeks vacation, let them. It doesn't mean they abandoned the project (Just remember, Daz' is still compiling 10.2 for the devices, so he hasn't abandoned it!) To the next point, Like I said, these projects are still pre-beta. They are released to be tested. Someone posted something about people being a tool (post sounded quite negative, alas), but he did had a point, these roms are untested, they are released to be tested. New bugs should be reported (probably with a logcat), we already know about the distorted youtube bug! A last note: If you are so important, and need a flawless phone, don't use an experimental rom! Use a stock (based) rom.
  2. I came across a little hiccup in the rom. Not sure if its CM related or y300 port. My CM's language is dutch, which means that in the calculator app the dot is replaced with a comma. When im using the comma the app will return with an error. If I change the android language to english (which also gives me a dot in the calculator) it does work.
  3. I flashed the CWM zip file in TWRP. Booted my phone in CWM, formatted all partitions, in the mount menu (except the SD cards, offcourse) and reflashed CM10.2 and gapps.
  4. Installed CM10.2 a moment ago (I like testing new roms :P). Seems quite smooth for an early release. Though, one thing I did notice, the cLock widget isn't updating the weather... even if I tap on it to update. On the flip side, it is a small issue :)
  5. Installed Chrome out of the play store without a problem with this build. Thanks :)
  6. Installed your build on my y300 a moment ago, one of the first things I noticed was that google chrome in the playstore was labeled as not compatible. I did install it on a previous Kra1o5 build.
  7. That wifi isn't working is known, quite some people already mentioned it. Did a quick look up on the g330, indeed, nearly the same device. one big difference is the display. For the g330 its a TFT and for the y300 its an IPS. That aside, wasn't there someone a few pages back who was asking for permission to port it to the g330? Just read the thread :)
  8. The g510 and the y300 are identical devices. Just because the g330 chip is the same doesn't mean the devices are the same. Stop making silly demands of people who probably do these things as hobby :)
  9. Looks like a really nice, clean rom. The only flip side, for me that is, I don't really like Nova Launcher... I replaced it with Trebuchet :) For the time being, Ill be using this rom.

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