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  1. I'm noticing better charging behavior. I listen to music over a bluetooth headset and despite the V5 being plugged in to a regular ~5 Watt USB port on my workstation (not high power), I would see the battery levels descend to around 50%. Not sure if the battery levels were *really* that low but it was surprising. The V5 would charge to 100% overnight w/the included high-power charger. With the new ROM the V5 appears to stay fully charged while plugged into the workstation and listening to music over Bluetooth.
  2. I updated to the 10/22 ROM today and it seems to be about the same. However I've been having problems getting the phone's Caller ID working again. Like last time, I installed the Xposed framework and GravityBox. Not sure if I'm forgetting something. Anyone else seeing this?
  3. Any change to the compass? :)
  4. allanmac

    MIUI Rom

    ES File Explorer > click on upper left icon > Root Explorer > Mount R/W. Don't forget to return the filesystem to read-only when you're done.
  5. allanmac


    Looks like Geekbuying is also now selling the Vowney V5 and accessories.
  6. allanmac

    Vowney / Verne V5

    Maybe Vowney themselves can help? The translation implies they do service their phones: http://bbs.v5zn.com/thread-14494-1-1.html
  7. allanmac

    GPS Lock Issue. Try This.

    Yes, the Bluetooth GPS app lets you pair an external BT GPS. You have to enable "Allow Mock Locations" in the Developer options. You can then keep the V5's GPS disabled and the Android location API will use the external GPS. There are other similar external GPS apps in the Play Store. I tried it last weekend with an old Garmin GPS 10x. Apparently the Garmin uses the SiRF Star III chipset. It locks on very fast. The V5's LED lights up solid blue when connected to the external GPS. The "GPS Test" app that everyone uses will show whether you have a GPS lock, etc. but doesn't show the signal strength bars. However, you can see all the GPS signal details and logging inside the Bluetooth GPS app. Bluetooth GPS also comes with a widget that shows signal strength, etc. Regular location apps like Maps work seamlessly with the external GPS.
  8. allanmac

    Would you buy the v5 again?

    I think it's probably a big job. :( You can see a partial teardown of the V5 here. (you need to make a Vowney account in order to see the jpegs) They don't show the LCD being separated from the frame but I think a lot of the time it requires use of a heat gun to loosen the glue. It would be epic if you could figure out where to get the parts though. Someone local to you who repairs iPhones could probably handle the job if a replacement panel could be found. Perhaps you should take a vacation to Hong Kong and then spend a day in Shenzhen (kidding!)... or you could probably ask the vendor to figure out who to send it back to.
  9. allanmac

    Recommended Apps and Accessories.

    My mistake. I was confusing panorama with Photo Sphere. I hope you're right and Photo Sphere activates if/when the compass is fixed.
  10. allanmac

    Recommended Apps and Accessories.

    Ah, that explains it! Thanks. FYI, the new camera app mentioned above does reach 8mp (2448 x 3264).
  11. allanmac

    Recommended Apps and Accessories.

    I can select camera, video or panorama mode. I didn't do anything special in the install. Perhaps it's a matter of getting the proper .apk? I saw some other .apks that were smaller or were packed as .zip's. The link I included above is the one I used and was a simple install once the existing Gallery2.* was renamed (or removed). Odd, it was not an option in the Camera app on my V5 running the latest stock ROM. I think 6mp was the highest selectable resolution despite the "Hardware Info" app showing that 8mp was supported by the camera module.
  12. allanmac

    R against signal bars, what to do?

    If there aren't two entries for 3 UK at slots 0 and 1 -- WCDMA and then GSM -- then that seems like it could be your problem, no? All I know is that AT&T occupies the top two slots in my V5's list followed by many historical networks that were acquired or renamed by AT&T over the years. I haven't seen an "R" yet. I think all that info is supposed to be baked into your SIM card and you shouldn't have to be entering it manually. FYI, the concatenated MCC/MNC for Hutchison (3) is like: 23420 - Hutchinson 3G (3) - United Kingdom
  13. allanmac

    R against signal bars, what to do?

    Perhaps removing a few entries from the "Mobile Networks > Preferred Networks" list might keep the V5 from attaching to other operators?
  14. allanmac

    R against signal bars, what to do?

    It sounds like you're more interested in making sure roaming doesn't happen at all but if you're just interested in squelching the warnings and indicators then the Gravity Box app has two settings related to roaming: "Disable roaming warnings: Disables roaming warnings when sending messages or making phone calls while roaming." "Disable roaming indicators: When disabled, R indicator will not be visible while roaming. Use with caution."
  15. allanmac

    Recommended Apps and Accessories.

    I just cleaned up my ancient contacts list with the "Twitch" app. I am impressed! It is far more powerful than some of the other apps I tried like "Number Fixer".

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