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    zte racer 2
  1. sabaudragos

    [HELP] Android ZTE Racer II V859 -

    go to factory reset and go with volume buttons on yes wipe data
  2. sabaudragos

    Need Help, ZTE Racer dont boot

    resoft it
  3. update your phone with zte terminal software update
  4. sabaudragos

    [SEARCH] NAND Backup from ZTE Racer II

    you have bricked your phone
  5. sabaudragos

    Need help for CM10 on i9300

    the cyanogenmod is here: http://download.cyanogenmod.org/?type=stable&device=i9300
  6. sabaudragos

    custom rom

    what's android will you
  7. sabaudragos

    ZTE Link problem

    can you enter in adb mode
  8. hello Modaco I am dragos and I need a custom rom for zte racer 2? help me please
  9. sabaudragos

    help my zte racer plzzzz

    enter in ftm mode
  10. sabaudragos

    [HELP] Android ZTE Racer II V859 -

    After appearing press simultanosly the volume up and down togheder then will in the menu enter sorry for my bad english
  11. sabaudragos

    racer 2 unlocking bootloader

    hello I am dragos I have same problem I have resolved. Follow this steps: download rickywyatt from here: http://www.4shared.com/rar/gbzhWab4/rickywyatt.html 2: download the clockworkmod recovery from here:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/50982518/cwm_recovery_racer2.img 3: delete the recovery.img from rickywyatt. 4: rename cwm_recovery_racer2.img to recovery.img and copy to rickywyatt. 5: open install-recovery-windows.bat 6: put your phone in adb interface press volume up + power and wait until the keys light . connect the usb cable to phone and pc . 7: the recovery will flash . then the install-recovery-windows will shut down automaticly. then remove the usb cable from phone. Remove the battery then put again. press power then will boot in bootloader. Sorry for my bad English I am from Romania . I hope I helped. Goodbye!
  12. sabaudragos

    upgrading racer II android system

    here is the stock rom from zte racer 2 http://www.4shared.com/rar/IDfdZH8N/Zte_Racer_2_stock_rom.html help me pleas with a rom for zte racer 2

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