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  1. At last there is a solution for unlocking the HTC Blue Angel and the Magician. I just finished unlocking mine. It took us less than 5 minutes to go throughout the process and at the end I now have an SPV M2000 that I can use in any network. Cheers. :lol: Edit by Paul, see the 'Pocket PC News' section for full details.
  2. jmrodriguez

    E200 Krussel Case Review.

    Have you had any problems with the plastic from the case sticking to the phone screen ? Is there any way around this ? Thanks.
  3. jmrodriguez

    Multilingual T9

    I am in the same situation you are.... I use both English and Spanish for T9 and have not found anything that might solve this problem....
  4. jmrodriguez

    UK ROM

    I bought an unlocked SPV E200 in France and would like to install de UK ROM into it. I have two questions: 1. Is this possible due to my phone being French (are there any hardware differences or restrictions) ? 2. Is there anybody out there that could get me a copy of the most current UK ROM? Regards. :roll:
  5. jmrodriguez

    SPV E200 ROM Update Betatest!

    Whenever the Update comes out, If I have a French E200, can I install the UK ROM Update ? Will there be any problems ? Cheers.
  6. jmrodriguez


    Did he give you any numbers ($$$$$) , remote unlocking ????
  7. You can also check here: http://www.coolsmartphone.com/index.php Cheers. :)
  8. Have you tried this... it might help following WeZ01y's advise on this link: http://www.modaco.com/viewtopic...er=asc&start=45 Good Luck.
  9. it will take 1 0r 2 minutes.... don't worry....
  10. jmrodriguez

    SPV update CRISIS - please HELP!!

    You need to press the action button until the "ERASE IPSM" screen appears.....You will need to reenter you settings ... or you might want to backup you info to your SD/MMC card using the following procedure: http://www.smartphone.fr.fm/boot.htm Cheers...... :)
  11. jmrodriguez

    SPV update CRISIS - please HELP!!

    drblow.... I already got my phone up and running... I followed WeZ01y's advise on this link: http://www.modaco.com/viewtopic...er=asc&start=45 and it worked just as he described it. Good Luck.
  12. jmrodriguez

    SPV update CRISIS - please HELP!!

    Mashkhan.... I already tried that and I did not have any sucess with it. Thanks anyway.
  13. jmrodriguez

    SPV update CRISIS - please HELP!!

    I am having the same problem and I am starting to get desperate. Activesync won't recognize the SPV and there is no way to bypass the bootloader. PLEASE HELP.
  14. P800 is already selling over in the Philippines..... $760 USD SIM free. :)
  15. jmrodriguez

    The must-have background image for guys (PC)

    Now if I can only see them in the SPV..... :)

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